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October 15, 2020


October 15, 2020


October 15, 2020

Awards are something gained through splendid effort in a particular field, but not all who participate are fortunate enough to snag one for themselves. May it be recognition, trophies, or anything in particular, these are only small mementos that represent little milestones in one’s career. With trophies or not, a person who simply tried and did his best still would go home a winner.

For the annual CMA Awards, the same principle aptly applies. The peak of victory isn’t seen in the number of golden cups you earn but on the numerous smiles you’ve carved in your audience’s faces.

Only a Symbol to Affirm One’s Hard Work

For most people, the pinnacle of a career is when we receive commendations from people who run the industry. For Eric Church, even though he himself anticipated his win for being a five-time nominee in 2019’s CMA Awards, what he appreciated more is the reaction and the care given to him by the people who supported him; his fans, family, and admirers in the show business. But since Garth Brooks’ win streak for the award rose to another level, many of Eric Church and Carrie Underwood’s fans somehow reacted violently, creating personal and professional sparks for Garth Brooks’ leading him to deny his 2020 nomination.

Eric Church explained how he personally views trophies as only symbols of milestones and how it does not define the state of his career. But speaking for his team, fans, and crew, he said that what would hurt him is when they’d feel disappointed because he wasn’t able to snag the award. He also said that his loss is a mishap on their behalf, and Brooks’ winnings have nothing to do with it. What he considers as real victories are when his singles move a rank in the charts as it signifies his improving mastery in the art of country music.

Music for Self-Expression

Eric Church highlighted that music isn’t about winning or losing, but rather, a form of self-expression. He exclaimed that he will still play the same music that emanates from his heart. His failures or victories from the past do not matter. So in the 2020 CMA awards on November 11, all he’s bringing is himself and his passion for music with the morale boost he received from the people who supported him.

Watch 2020 CMA Awards night on November 11th as Eric Church once again faces with Carrie Underwood on the Entertainer of the Year Award. Also look out for Luke Combs, Miranda Lambert, and Keith Urban as they will have a face-off with the two for the sake of the award.

Hosted by Darius Rucker and Reba McEntire, watch it premiere on Nashville at ABC at 8 pm ET. The show will be live, but due to health restrictions, no live audiences will be present.

Whoever you are rooting on, wish the best and play a good game!


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