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Cannabis: The ‘Good’ Stuff to Nelson’s Longevity


Cannabis or more likely known as marijuana has been legal in more than 30 states in the US for medical purposes, and believe it or not, for recreational purposes where the number’s a tad higher. Despite the constraints toward the flowering herb, many people, and some of our well-known famous personalities, have been using them to relish themselves. When it’s not always particularly bad, sometimes, its pleasurable effect of being ‘too high’ kind of gets in the way of their work.

Remember when the world almost turned upside down when Willie Nelson announced he’s going to stop using the substance? Well, it’s actually in two parts. One, he did continue using cannabis, and two, his world was turned upside down because of it.

One experience Nelson shared in his interview with guest host George Lopez in Jimmy Kimmel Live is his experience on the stage of not being able to perform due to being high on cannabis. He told Lopez that he wasn’t able to remember anything, except apologizing to his audience and staying on his bus. “I don’t remember the town, but I do remember that I wasn’t able to do a show,” Nelson says.

Willie Nelson’s Exposure on Cannabis

Too much of the good stuff can indeed be bad stuff, but the 87-year-old Willie Nelson still looks to be on his prime considering that he’s been into substance use since his youth. He claimed that he wouldn’t be surprised if marijuana will soon be legalized due to its health benefits which will be a good thing for the majority. He also pointed out that due to his use of cannabis, he was able to finally let go of smoking grapevines, cedar bark, and many more.

Willie Nelson’s 70th Solo Album: ‘First Rose of Spring

Despite Willie Nelson’s fair share of experiences on being too high on substance even after reaching his golden age, what makes him a star is not because of his infamous use of cannabis, but his great prowess on country music.

Just this July 3, 2020, he was able to release his 70th studio album, and his 15th having Buddy Cannon as his producer. It was originally dated for April 24, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it was moved to the latter date. He said that all songs in ‘First Rose of Spring’ are great because of the effort of his producer in co-writing them. Another thing that he takes pride in is that his sons were able to perform with him in the said album.