April 10

Blake Shelton’s Vodka Is What True America Taste Like


Blake Shelton’s vodka offers a smooth and clean blend that goes well with your favorite cocktail. Fans weren’t surprised about the country icon’s collaboration with famous vodka brand Smithworks. On the contrary, it’s the perfect time for him to have his own line of booze.

Shelton Mixed With Liquor

It’s common for big stars to team up with brands and making their own line in that company. As part of Blake Shelton’s facts, Smithworks is the singer’s third endorsement deal following Pepsi and Pizza Hut. The new product sits well with him as, like the product, he was also born and bred in America’s Heartland.

According to Smithworks, Shelton is the perfect person for their American Made Vodka brand as they’re both hardworking, dedicated, and appreciates life’s moments worth celebrating with good people. It was no wonder everyone accepted the brand quickly with his image. More so, he’s a guy who knows the value of having a good set of screwdrivers and living in the street named after a tree. What more can we ask for?

Blake Shelton’s Tasty Vodka

Smithworks American Made Vodka by Blake Shelton isn’t made cheap. The corn is grown from the US Heartland, and water from Lake Fort Smith, Arkansas, fuses each bottle. It’s safe to mix with your favorite cocktail without any foul aftertaste, which seems to be a problem for other vodkas. Of course, if you want to drink it straight, be our guest.

Now that you might be craving to try one bottle, you can start ordering from Drizly, ReserveBar, or Instacart. It’s actually more ideal to have an online order than visit a physical store as stocks tend to sell out. But if you insist on the drive, we highly recommend calling the store first before hitting the road. The spirit is now available in Michigan, Ohio, Iowa, Louisiana, and Nebraska. Last summer, they launched the brand in the mid-Atlantic. Initial markets were Kansas, Arkansas, Colorado, Missouri, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, and Oklahoma.

All in all, it’s a vodka with a lot of positive reviews, so it’s no wonder everyone wants to get a sip of this great drink.

How about you? Have you tasted Blake Shelton’s vodka?


Blake Shelton

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