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May 23, 2020


May 23, 2020


May 23, 2020

What could be more exhilarating than combining your mainstream source of income and your passion? In this case, it’s a massive trailer truck mainly purposed for our all-time favorite food: the barbecue!

Imagine taking your grill wherever you go, feeding an entire village in one go, and satisfying your cravings in an instant when bringing this giant smoker with you. This extraordinary truck labeled the “Undisputable Cuz” is unearthed in Texas wherein their motto suggests “everything is bigger”, and once you had a glimpse of it, it will prove to you that their claim simply isn’t an exaggeration.

The Undisputable Cuz

The giant smoker truck is owned by Terry Folsom, a Texan native and an experienced truck driver for more than 30 years. The truck itself has earned the title “The World’s Biggest BBQ Pit” since the year 2000.

Folsom and his wife, Kimberly, obtained the extended Peterbilt truck through business deals in 1997 and later repurposed it to become a gigantic mobile smoker. The couple personally named this 18-wheeler trailer truck the “Undisputable Cuz.”

It weighs around 4 tons and is 76-foot in length. It has 24 smoking compartments where at least 4 tons (8000 lbs.) to a whopping maximum of 6 tons (12000 lbs.) of meat can be barbequed at the same time. The truck completes the package as it also has a walk-in cooler near the front that contains four beer taps which are a perfect pair for the meat. They also installed a TV screen on the side of the truck for recreational purposes.

Not Just For Show

The Undisputable Cuz isn’t just for show though. The couple attends several cookouts and cookoffs and helps out their community by smoking barbeque and giving them out for free to their town’s local first responders such as the law enforcement troops, fire department, and everyone who comes out to protect their town. They are friends with many of the townspeople and all of them are welcome for a toast.

By taking advantage of the portability of their truck, they served the community by bringing it in the Galveston army to feed the veterans and the homeless for Thanksgiving. They also helped out the Red Cross in relief operations when they were hit by Hurricane Harvey where they fed 55,000 people in 11 days. They were also hired once to serve hauls of briskets in the 2015 inauguration of Texas’ new governor Abbott.

Giant Smoker Put On Sale

In order to start smoking though, you’d have to wait for two and a half hours to get the trailer into the right temperature by throwing in wood in the firebox found in the rear side. The heat exchange built in the trailer travels from the rear up to the front and allows the smoke and heat to rise over the meat. A Texas-shaped damper is then adjusted to control the heat maintaining the meat in tip-top condition. The meat’s optimum heat is kept for about 250° and is smoked for several hours.

Although it is indeed fun bringing a giant smoker with you everywhere, it is very costly for the couple to move the truck anywhere they like. They are required to get escorts as the truck is overweight for regular standards and is overlinked. Even by just moving it out their driveway, they ask people to block out traffic because its length will also need to take the opposite lane.

Recent news though reported that the family is now selling the Undisputable Cuz for $350,000. They stated that they want to move on with their current life and take their money back. Folsom said that once someone or a rich person brings him a certified cheque, they can immediately take the truck out and own it, but not before talking to his wife about it.

“Everything is Bigger in Texas”

Bigger hats, boots, skies, yards, or even smoking trucks may be exclusive to Texas alone which brings in their “everything is bigger in Texas” motto. But they also have another value, “friendship”. Within the state, these values overlap through the Undisputable Cuz. This world’s biggest bbq pit really is not just for show as it was able to be of service to the community since it started.

Texas is the second-largest state in the United States, but their camaraderie, cooperative undertaking, and their common love for smoked meat have shown us that they also have the biggest hearts on earth.




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