August 29

Aftermath of Storm: ‘We are needed’ by Hurricane Harvey Victims


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I am sure that the rains and flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey have brought back a lot of bad memories from the Nashville flood back in 2010. Houston so far has received more than 40 inches of rain and the storm is yet to stop.

The damage done by Hurricane Harvey has already impacted us in great ways and it will surely leave us with more after. It’s just unthinkable to lose the people built for years with hard work and a lot of time.

Although the government has come to the rescue, and for that, we are very thankful. People from all over the US has aided and come together to make a difference, strangers who did not only contribute money but their time and effort as well.

Looking back, volunteers brought together by Hands On Nashville helped clear debris from homes. Over the two weeks immediately following the flood, nearly 13,000 volunteers spent over 56,000 hours participating in flood recovery efforts. United Way’s 211 services helped connect flood victims with food, shelter and the many generous donations that were made.

Not only was the problem addressed in the short term but there was also a long-term focus. The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee was able to raise $14 million in disaster response funds. At the same time, the Country Music industry played its role in fundraising efforts and benefit concerts. The money helped families rebuild their homes and get the services they needed most.

This is a call for the strength and unity that rose out of the flood waters in 2010. Let us pay the generosity forward and know that “We are needed.”

Let us help in any way we can. Just like in Nashville, volunteer efforts are being organized and a relief fund has been set up.

Nashville recovered and Houston will too. The road to get there may be long, but together, we can help make it a little easier.


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