January 3

Let’s Get Dancin’ with “God Blessed Texas” by Little Texas

There are many ways for us to be proud, and we can express this in different ways. Thus, being proud is not just achieving your goals in life. A person can also be proud for someone else, or they can be proud in the place where they live in. Maybe their place, city, area, country or state has something special that you cannot find in other locations. Well, I guess all of us have something to be proud of. Just like the hit I’m going to feature which includes one of the largest states in the United States. Once you hear this place, all you can think of are cool cowboys and rodeos. Yes, I’m talking about Texas, y’all! I hope that you haven’t forgotten this hit from the band Little Texas.

The Best of Country Music

They were one of the most successful bands in country music since their breakthrough in 1991. Also, their first single reached the eighth spot in the Billboard Hot Country Charts. Undeniably, this band is talented that their countless hits entered the charts. Since their breakthrough, this band has made a lot of buzz in the music industry and it paid off until they gained a spot in the industry. I’m referring to the group Little Texas who also popularized the hits “My Love” and “Some Guys Have All the Love.”

Let’s Get Dancin' with "God Blessed Texas" by Little Texas 1
Photo Credits: Little Texas Official Home Page

The Home of the First Rodeo

I guess this band really loved the place where they lived because they even created a song about it. Further, this is the hit from Little Texas — “God Blessed Texas.” Also, this song was released in 1993 and it landed number four in the Billboard Hot Country Charts. Due to the songs’ popularity, it became the band’s signature song in closing their concerts. To summarize, this hit is really iconic because it will get you the grove once you hear it play. 



Little Texas

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