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Ten Of The Best Little Texas Songs That Broke Down Barriers For Today’s Country Music Bands

Country music band Little Texas absolutely shook up the country music world in the 1990s – standing out among the many vocal groups and bands dominating the genre. Little Texas songs that blend the traditional country music sounds along with sounds found in modern rock captured the country listeners’ attention.

As a result, they received several accolades and released hit songs and albums throughout the years. With that in mind, we’ve listed down below some of the band’s most popular songs. Check them out! 

1. God Blessed Texas

From: Big Time (1993)

Written by band members Porter Howell and Brady Seals, this song celebrates Texas pride as it sings how God must have paid the state some extra attention, providing it with such unique characteristics and legendary people. 

“God Blessed Texas” has since been the band’s signature song, which they often use to wrap up their shows. The song’s also been played at countless sports venues and was even used in several radio and TV advertisements in different Texas cities since its release.

2. Some Guys Have All The Love

From: First Time for Everything (1992)

Little Texas released the song as the lead single off their debut album, First Time for Everything. It then went on to reach No. 8 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart, bringing the band to stardom. 

“Some Guys Have All The Love” tells the story of a man who may not have lived what some call the good life – he doesn’t have the fame and fortune – but he’s got the woman that he loves, and she’s all he ever needs.

3. You and Forever and Me

From: First Time for Everything (1992)

Little Texas showcased a praiseworthy performance in this summertime ballad, which tells a man’s narrative as he passed through his old hometown after he had been away for quite some time. He then realized how life used to be so simple back then and reminisced on lost love. 

4. Amy’s Back in Austin

From: Kick a Little (1994)

Little Texas’ eleventh entry on the Billboard charts finds them telling the story of a struggling young couple who ran away together, leaving everything behind in their home state of Texas. However, the girl – whose name was Amy – soon became homesick and left the boy one night, making him wonder what went wrong.

The song helped the band earn a nomination for Best Country Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals during the Grammy Awards in 1996.

5. I’d Rather Miss You

From: First Time for Everything (1992)

Little Texas closed their debut album with a bang! The song – which ranked at No. 16 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart – tells the story of a man who chose not to move on to another relationship as he only wants to be with his then-lover, even if that makes him lonely. 

6. Life Goes On

From: Greatest Hits (1995)

Little Texas showcased their characteristic harmonizing style in “Life Goes On,” which sings about a man reminiscing about lost love and simply summing up his emotions with “I miss ya honey, but life goes on.”

It peaked at No. 5 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart and was their last single to make it to the Top 40.

7. Kick a Little

From: Kick a Little (1994)

Written by the band’s chief songwriters – Porter Howell, Dwayne O’Brien, and Brady Seals – with Timm Rushlow on the lead vocals, Little Texas conveys the words of a loving father in this song. Though he was always a gentleman and was never the kind to start a fight, you can bet that he would stand his ground to defend his family.

8. What Might Have Been

From: Big Time (1993)

The band pulled on the heartstrings of country fans with touching ballads, including this song that reflects on lost love. In the song, the narrator was left wondering where he and his lover would have been today if only they had stuck with each other.

9. My Love

From: Big Time (1993)

Is there anything sweeter than a man who’s eagerly ready to give his woman all the love she’s been looking for? Well, this song will surely make your heart beat as Little Texas sings, “my love, my love is ready for you.”

The romantic ballad “My Love” reached the top of Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart, making it the band’s only No. 1 country hit.

10. Stop on a Dime

From: Big Time (1993)

Meanwhile, Little Texas sings about the dangers of falling in love in this “rip-roaring tune.” It reminds anyone in love to start out easy and take it slow – because once you get a start, you’ll never know where love will bring you.

Some More Little Texas Songs That Remain A Radio Mainstay

Truly, Little Texas produced some of the most popular country songs of all time. Here are some more of their greatest tunes.

  • First Time for Everything
  • Peaceful Easy Feeling
  • What Were You Thinkin’
  • Southern Grace
  • Country Crazy
  • Bad for Us
  • Missing Years
  • Your Mama Won’t Let Me
  • The Call
  • Your Woman
  • Party Life
  • Ain’t No Time to Be Afraid
  • Yesterday’s Gone Forever
  • All in the Line of Love
  • A Night I’ll Never Remember

So, what do you think of this list of Little Texas songs?


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