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According to Little Texas, Always Remember “Life Goes On”

According to Little Texas, Always Remember "Life Goes On" 1
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Life goes on.

Three words that speak about what life is and how it works. No matter what we do and what happens, good or bad, still, we need to move on and keep going. That’s what life is all about.

Do you still have that toy that you really loved and used to carry along everywhere? Maybe a few would answer yes, but most will say NO! I remember when I was young, I used to play with this cute little yellow taxi car. I always kept it in my pockets, carried it anywhere I went and even slept with it. I really loved that toy car so much that when my mom tells me to leave it even for a while, I would cry or be upset. But now, I no longer have it. I left it at home since I moved to the city. I’ve become mature and I have new interests in life now.

Despite this, I still remember how I used to love that toy. Yes, I can still go back at home and find the toy, but the feeling that I have had with it will never be the same. In a clearer sense, I can say that I have already outgrown that toy.

“Life Goes On” is also the title of one of the songs of American country music band Little Texas. Although the song talks specifically about a failed love story between a man and a woman, we can still relate our stories of moving on from someone or something.

Above all, every experience that we encounter, whatever it is, makes us who we are now. We do something for a while and later move on. Indeed, there’s nothing permanent in this world except change. Change is constant and inevitable, so is life! It goes on…

About the Song

According to Little Texas, Always Remember "Life Goes On" 2
Little Texas (Photo by littletexasonline.com)

Released in August 1995, “Life Goes On” is a country song recorded by Tennessean band Little Texas. It is the first single from the band’s 1995 album, Greatest Hits.

The band’s drummer, Del Gray, and songwriters Thom McHugh and Keith Follesé crafted the song together. Reaching no. 5 on Billboard Hot Country Songs chart, “Life Goes On” was the band’s 13th entry on the Billboard charts. In addition, it peaked at no. 4 on Canada’s RPM country tracks chart. Eventually, it would be their last single to penetrate the Top 40 hits.

A song with an upbeat rhythm, “Life Goes On” is an example of the band’s dynamic vocals and harmonizing style. Moreover, the song simply narrates a reminiscence of a lost love and basically talks about missing the feeling of being together before. This is evident in the song lyric that goes,

“Not much has changed since you’ve been gone. I miss you honey but Life Goes On.”

Watch Little Texas as they perform “Life Goes On” in the video below.

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Life Goes On, Little Texas

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