January 20

Cody Comer and His Interesting Way of Putting His Baby to Sleep

Having a new little family member comes with immense joy, pride, and relief. With all the daunting tasks and responsibilities aside, the joy that a newborn brings to a family, especially to parents such as Cody Comer, is unexplainable.

Parents give all the tender love and care for their newborn up to the best of their abilities. Every time a baby cries, its needs are immediately attended to. Since babies cannot yet speak, crying is their way of communication, and when babies cry, boy, it means a whole lot of things. Either they are hungry or sleepy, their diapers are wet, or they just want to cuddle and be with their parents.

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If their needs are met, they would often go to sleep after. Sleeping in a nice, cozy, warm bed with fluffy pillows and cute stuffed toys around them is a perfect area. However, that’s not the case for the baby Cody Comer is dealing with.  

In a video uploaded on YouTube in 2019, a baby is seen having a beauty sleep, not on the bed, but on top of a guitar.

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YouTuber Cody Comer uploaded the video in 2019, saying that he’s putting the baby to sleep his way, and that is by singing while playing the guitar for his cute little one. The set-up might look a bit dangerous because one might think the baby might fall over, but Cody Comer has his baby resting on his chest, and linen is placed for the baby to lie on.

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The video is about a minute long, as the baby seems to be sleeping soundly to the tune of the guitar. Occasional camera flashes can also be seen because, let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to snap a photo of the father-and-baby duo in their own musical world?

Check out the video of Cody Comer and his little angel by clicking on the video below.


Cody Comer

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