October 17

Luke Combs Missed Meeting Garth Brooks During the Billboard Awards Night

After bagging several awards in this year’s Billboard Music Awards, Luke Combs still have a lot of things unchecked on his bucket list.

Combs has again proven his skill as an artist when he bagged 3 awards in this year’s Billboard Music Awards. These include Top Country Artist, Top Male Country Artist, Top Country album with his globally known album “What You See is What you Get,” and Billboard Chart Achievement Award. With all the accolades he has under his belt, there is this one thing that he has desired since the first day he stepped into the studio.

Combs would like to meet the person who inspired him to become the artist that he is today. That would be none other than Garth Brooks. Ironic as it may sound, but Luke Combs has never met fellow country music star and legend Garth Brooks. After winning three awards, Combs spent the time talking to the media and share how much he wanted to meet Garth Brooks and how he influenced his musical artistry.

It was quite puzzling for Luke Combs how he was not able to meet for the first time Garth Brooks during this year’s Billboard Music Awards despite being on the same building with Brooks who, as well, won an award this year. Combs was born in the year 1990 which was actually the same time that Garth Brooks had his biggest commercial success in his career. The “Better Together” singer acknowledges the influence Brooks has brought to the artists at same age he has.

So if that day comes, what would Luke Combs probably ask his idol backstage? Well, the biggest country artists today sure has the fanboy and girls in them, too. Though probably not everyone, but it definitely is for Combs. He would not be sure about what he would say when he meets Brook, but he would definitely do his best to avoid being awkward.

Garth Brooks was honored with the Icon Award this year. This included Brooks in an outstanding list of selected all-genre artists like Cher, Neil Diamond, Celine Dion, Jennifer Lopez, Prince, Stevie Wonder, Janet Jackson, and Mariah Carey.


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