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December 26, 2020


December 26, 2020


December 26, 2020

Celebrities are Christmas lover folks, too. We might often see them on stage performing during these times, but when the opportunity comes, spending time with their own families means a lot to them. And when you ask them about their favorite Christmas traditions, their answers are not as far as you would expect: eating out, playing games, and relaxing are their go-to hobbies during the holidays. Today, we will be featuring artists like Luke Bryans, Chris Young, Kelsea Ballerini, Cole Swindell, and Love and Theft’s Stephen Barker Liles on how they spend their Christmas times in their unique ways.

Luke Bryan

For Luke Bryan, he practically turned Christmas into another fourth of July as he dropped the roasted turkey tradition and replaced it with chilidogs and the sorts. For the Bryans, they replaced this common Christmas cuisine as they enjoy eating during their pajama parties. Luke Bryan also loves that he gets to help his mother out once in a while by letting him pick out the right buns and wieners as they shop for the holidays.

Chris Young

Chris Young, however, tells a different story as he enjoys bringing his family to amusement parks like Disneyland for the holidays. Aside from that, he also enjoys decorating his parent’s yard with humongous Christmas ornaments. Believe it or not, Young also added a 20 ft. tall inflatable Rudolf that made his father react with it being ‘too much.’

Kelsey Ballerini

For Kelsey Ballerini, she blames the obnoxiousness of their Christmas traditions towards her mother as she makes them wear embarrassingly designed pajamas while they wait for the eve to come. They also have to leave the house to go grocery shopping and go to church services while wearing the onesies prepared for them.

Cole Swindell

Cole Swindell is one you wouldn’t want to exchange gifts with during Christmas as he has quite the reputation of being the ‘white elephant’ of his family. He buys inexpensive gifts for his family and then snags away any gift that he likes under the tree by calling shotgun. Of course, he has the money to buy all sorts of presents for his family, but he prefers to do these things as his way of spreading joy and having fun.

Stephen Barker Liles

Finally, the Love and Theft member Stephen Barker Liles has the most unique Christmas tradition on board. For starters, they turn off the house lights, grab some candles, and roam all over the house as if they’re pretending to be the wise men searching for Jesus. For him and his family, through this, he materializes how Christians must be the light and salt of the world and how they blow it out to show that the world is dark without them.

For these artists, they might have different ways of celebrating their Christmas and may have different traditions, but what’s inevitable is that they only enjoy the best of their time as they spend it with their families. Merry Christmas!


Chris Young, Cole Swindell, Kelsey Ballerini, Luke Bryan, Stephen Barker Liles



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