November 6

10 Things About Adam Rupp: The Vocal Percussionist of Home Free

Adam Rupp, together with his brother Chris formed Home Free in 2000 in Minnesota. He is the vocal percussionist of the vocal band. Today, we are going to discover 10 amazing things about our adorable vocal percussionist.

Adam Rupp, Vocal Percussionist, Home Free
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1. He graduated from Gustavus Adolphus College.

Adam Rupp graduated from Gustavus in 2004 with a music performance degree in trumpet.

Adam Rupp, Vocal Percussionist, Home Free
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2. Aside from playing the trumpet, he can also play the bass guitar, drums, keyboard, and piano.

Adam Rupp, Vocal Percussionist, Home Free
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3. He won first place in vocal percussionist titles from both the Denver and Chicago National Harmony Sweepstakes.

He is also known as Midwest’s Best Vocal Percussionists.

Adam Rupp, Vocal Percussionist, Home Free
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4. He shares his talent by being a part of Home Free’s musical outreach and education programs.

Adam teaches an entire workshop dedicated to teaching the art of vocal percussion.

Adam Rupp, Vocal Percussionist, Home Free
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5. He can sing but not solo.

He sang in the choirs before. He volunteered to learn to beatbox when they recognized the need for vocal percussionists when they were starting the group.

Adam Rupp, Vocal Percussionist, Home Free
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6. He likes Magic: The Gathering.

He started playing the card game when he was in 7th grade.

Adam Rupp, Vocal Percussionist, Home Free
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7. He watched the Avengers: Endgame many times.

In his Instagram Live, the vocal percussionist was asked if he likes Marvel Studio’s Avengers” Endgame. He mentioned that he watched it three times already and was planning to watch it again when he goes home.

Adam Rupp, Vocal Percussionist, Home Free
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8. He likes Thor.

In his tweeter, he was planning to name a stray cat Thor if it is a male cat. He also mentioned this when he went live on Instagram.

9. He can sing “Gangnam Style.”

Dancing and singing is hard. How much more if it is a foreign language?

10. He can dance!

Many of you who went to their concerts already know this. Many of his fans shares his video dancing to Billie Jean.

Lee Gibling said that vocal percussionists are often come from a musical background and are already familiar with music theory and several instruments. They incorporate the knowledge and techniques into their vocal percussion. They are a key member within a vocal group, the image they portray is a lot smarter and clean-cut.

Adam Rupp does not talk a lot and when he went live on Instagram last May, many HomeFries were delighted and thrilled to see him. A lot of the fans greeted him from all over the world.

Watch the video here:

Check out more about Home Free here.


Adam Rupp, Home Free, Vocal Percussionist

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