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Meet Home Free’s Adam Rupp Who’s Beatboxing Skills Give Chills

Adam Rupp, one-fifth of the acapella group named Home Free, got beatboxing skills that are just out of this world. It’s absolutely second to none. He beautifully harmonizes it with some of country music’s greatest songs, and it’s just enough to give us chills all over!

Rupp is the only founding member left in the group. Let’s get to know more about him below.

1. He graduated from Gustavus Adolphus College.

Adam Rupp graduated from Gustavus in 2004 with a music performance degree in trumpet.

2. He Built Home Free Together With His Brother

Home Free was initially formed by Adam Rupp and his brother, Chris Rupp, in 2000 in Mankato, Minnesota.

“In 2000, my brother approached my best friend and me to put something together for a church talent show,” Rupp said on how they were formed. For seven years, Home Free lingered as a hobby for the teenagers Adam and Chris Rupp along with other Home Free original members.

But the group was hopeful. Though they were struggling, they were working one’s fingers to the bone with the hope that they will be able to make a living doing what they love someday. “We faced a lot of adversity, as most musicians do, losing money to perform shows for dozens of people, dealing with rejection and naysayers, all while attempting to do every part of the business ourselves,” Rupp said.

3. Beatboxing Did Not Come Naturally to Him

Adam Rupp has nineteen years of practice under his belt when it comes to beatboxing. His earliest beatboxing memory was from fifth grade. “I was in the hall at school, after picking a fight and then laying down a beat. At the time, I didn’t know beatboxing was an actual thing,” Rupp recalled.

It was only during his freshman year in college, when they started Home Free, that he discovered beatboxing and other beatboxers. Rupp was intrigued by how beatboxers were able to imitate drums and other sound effects. It was then that he got hooked. He would spend hours repeating one sound over and over, experimenting until he gets it right. Months of his life have been spent honing his craft.

“Maybe I had some natural talent as a musician, but it was a long, slow growth that got me to where I am today,” Rupp said.

4. He Is A “Freak Of Nature”

Adam Rupp’s fellow band members affectionately referred to him as a “freak of nature.” This is because of how he can transform himself from a singer and vocal percussionist into a human musical instrument.

He can completely mesmerize the crowd every time he takes center stage, creating incredibly realistic sounds of cymbals snares, bass drums, tom-toms, harmonica, DJ turntables, hi-hats, and more with nothing but a microphone and his unbelievable talent.

It will no longer be a surprise when the crowd jumps to their feet for a standing ovation. Take one cue from Home Free’s first headlining show at the Mother Church of Country Music in April 2018. Rupp stopped the show when he became a human jukebox.

He delivered a mystifying beatbox performance that included a cover of Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean.” His performance illuminated the auditorium, leaving everyone in complete disbelief as to how he could imitate an entire sound system by only using his voice.

It’s safe to say the auditorium has never seen anything quite like Rupp.

5. He Has Equally Talented Siblings

His brother Chris Rupp was Home Free’s baritone harmony singer until he announced he was leaving. Chris Rupp pursued a solo career and other passion projects. One of those projects included the formation of a group called 7th Ave. Their sister, Tristin Rupp, is also a member and is the lead vocalist.

Adam Rupp spent his whole life surrounded by music. His mother is a professional musician too.

6. He’s A Father To An Adorable Girl

Adam Rupp married Ericha in September of 2010, and together they have a child, Cerise Isabelle Rupp, who they welcomed into the world on February 15, 2014.

7. He can sing “Gangnam Style”

Dancing and singing is hard. How much more if it is a foreign language?

8. He Believes That Their Relationship With Their Fans Is The Most Valuable Thing

Whenever Home Free steps out on stage, expect to hear a roar from the crowd that doesn’t stop until the show’s end. And to Adam Rupp, it makes all of their efforts meaningful.

“We’ve always said that seeing our fans and seeing the crowds and the hype and all the excitement that goes into the shows is what really motivates us every night,” Rupp said. “It’s a high, it’s euphoric, it’s awesome.”


Adam Rupp, Home Free

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