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Home Free Member, Adam Rupp, Stuns in His Vocalized Drum Solo

Adam Rupp of Home Free Showcases His Vocalized Drum Solo

When people doubt you, you just have to show them what you can do. So Home Free’s member Adam Rupp took the stage and had to prove his doubters wrong.

Feeling Good All The Way: “It’s A Great Day To Be Alive” by Home Free

Emanating positivity with their sweet voices, smooth instruments, and stunning visuals, Home Free made Travis Tritt's "It's A Great Day To Be Alive" more enjoyable.

Home Free - Auld Lang Syne

Powerful Yet Warming Vocals in Home Free’s “Auld Lang Syne”

The a cappella singing group Home Free helps us remain hopeful and optimistic as we face another year with their incredible remake of “Auld Lang Syne.”

Home Free Showcased Their Patriotic Side With A Stunning Rendition of “God Bless the USA”

The American patriotic song “God Bless the USA” is an original record of Lee Greenwood. Home Free breathes new life to it with their stunning cover.

Home Free Found The Brilliant Song To Cover With John Mayer’s “In The Blood”

Owing to its lyrical depth, Acapella Vocal Group, Home Free felt compelled to do a countrified version of John Mayer’s In the Blood.

Home Free’s “Friends In Low Places”

Home Free’s “Friends In Low Places” Will Make You Want To Spend a Day In The Beach

Get ready to hit the replay button again and again with Home Free’s “Friends In Low Places.” It was their last get-together before Chris Rupp left the group.

Home Free Shares 'The Gambler' Video in honor of Kenny Rogers

Home Free’s ‘The Gambler’ Video Honors Country Classic Kenny Rogers

Home Free's 'The Gambler' is definitely one of the best versions you’ll hear. It also comes with a music video that perfectly highlights the song.

These Home Free Songs Give Shivers Up Our Spine

Home Free songs never stopped impressing us since they won The Sing-Off in 2013. They’ve released covers of the most cherished hits as well as original music.

Home Free Gave Maren Morris’ “My Church” Some Gospel Twist

One of our favorite country a cappella vocal groups, Home Free, is again thrilling us with their rich take on Maren Morris’ “My Church.”

Kane Brown’s Stunning ‘Worship You’ MV Continues to Rack More Views

Many artists suffer from a lack of inspiration but not Kane Brown. Brown tells a completely different story as his inspiration is found in his home. His wife Katelyn and their daughter Kingsley both starred in the music video of his song ‘Worship You’.

Hottest New Country Albums this November!

These aren’t just new country albums that we can’t expect greatness from. These are from some of the biggest names in the industry; Chris Stapleton, Garth Brooks, and Lee Brice to name a few.

Home Free Gave The Classic “Man Of Constant Sorrow” an A Cappella Remake

Home Free will let you reminisce the hit film, "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" as they deliver a haunting a cappella cover of "Man of Constant Sorrow."

Home Free Gave “How Great Thou Art” An Impressive Acapella Remake

Home Free vocals' delivered another soul moving rendition of a classic gospel tune, "How Great Thou Art." Listen and appreciate God's greatness even more.

Tim Foust Home Free Bass

Meet Nederland Native Tim Foust Who Sings Bass For Home Free

Tim Foust joined Home Free in 2012, and it was a game-changer for the group. Let's learn more about him below.

“Angels Among Us” in A Capella: Our Salute to All Frontline Workers

Originally by Alabama, the A Capella version elevated "Angels Among Us" heart message. Awesome collaboration by Home Free bassist Tim Foust and Chris Rupp.

10 Facts About Austin Brown of Home Free

Austin Brown is described by his fellow Home Free Guys as the heartthrob. It is not only because of his good looks but also because of the true artist in him.

Get To Know Home Free’s Rob Lundquist Who Got Skills That Stun Fans

Home Free members describe Rob Lundquist as the man with the voice of an angel and a beard of a lumberjack.

Get To Know the Latest Member of Home Free, Adam Chance

Home Free released a video on March 18, 2016, announcing the departure of Chris Rupp.  In the video, they also introduced Adam Chance.

Meet Home Free’s Adam Rupp Who’s Beatboxing Skills Give Chills

Adam Rupp, together with his brother Chris formed Home Free in 2000in Minnesota. He is the vocal percussionist of the vocal band

Home Free: Meet The 5 Men of the A Capella Group

The 5 men of the a capella country group Home Free is proud of their ingenious way of rendering country songs. And they did capture our hearts!

Home Free Member, Adam Rupp, Stuns in His Vocalized Drum Solo

Tenor and beat-boxer Adam Rupp of Home Free will surely wow you with his spontaneous Drum Solo live from one of their concert tours.