February 12

Home Free’s ‘The Gambler’ Video Honors Country Classic Kenny Rogers

Home Free’s “The Gambler” reminded fans of Kenny Rogers about the legend that once dominated the country music industry.

“The Gambler” is a timeless song that forever stays in the top-tier category. Don Schlitz wrote it in August 1976. 

Bobby Bare and Johnny Cash cut it. Even the composer himself cut it, among others. However, producer Larry Butler and Kenny Rogers recorded “The Gambler,” the song entered the hall of fame, as a legendary classic until this day.

In an interview with Schlitz, the songwriter revealed the background of the classic hit. He said that he wrote it in August 1976 while walking home from a meeting with his mentor, Bob McDill, who was also the writer of the songs by Anne Murray, Waylon Jennings, and others. 

As Schlitz paced from his office to his apartment, he pieced together most of the song lyrics in his head. He hasn’t pictured out the last verse yet and he had zero knowledge about what was going to happen then.

Schlitz added that though the song had an interesting story, it was a throwaway. He allocated up to six weeks trying to paint the right story after the chorus.

Over the following weeks, he finally capped the songwriting process. Countless artists performed their rendition of the song. 

Recently, in honor of Kenny Rogers, an a capella group that championed Sing-Off, Home Free, also joined the roster of inspirational artists that sang the “The Gambler.”

Home Free released a cover that’s performed without instruments, a unique version of “The Gambler.” Fans agree that this group offered a fantastic commemoration of Kenny Roger’s contribution to the music industry.

The well-renowned band also released a music video that perfectly highlights the song. It features all the members sitting around a poker table, fitting for the song’s lyrics.

Catch Home Free’s “The Gambler” in the video below:


Home Free, kenny rogers

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