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These Home Free Songs Give Shivers Up Our Spine

Home Free songs never stopped impressing us ever since they won The Sing-Off in 2013. The a cappella group has released amazing covers of country and pop hits – tackling some of the most cherished country classics of all time. Of course, there’s also their original music that is just breathtaking. 

Here are some of our favorites.

10. “I Can’t Outrun You”

From: Timeless (2017)

After being in the business for several decades, you can guarantee that Trace Adkins has recorded his fair share of heartbreak songs. One of the most devastating songs in his collection is the song “I Can’t Outrun You.”

However, the song was never released as a single, becoming a hidden gem in Adkins’ catalog. In 2017, that gem was uncovered by Home Free. The band’s version predominantly features baritone singer Adam Chance, the newest member of the group.

9. “My Church”

From: Timeless (2017)

Home Free chose to take on one of the hottest songs on country radio in the past decade, “My Church” by Maren Morris. In the song, Morris figuratively described country music being her “church.” But when it came to Home Free’s cover, the group decided to take it a step further by giving it a real gospel twist and managed to take it and make it entirely their own.

The members switched off singing lead, but they all came together on the chorus as well as at the end of the song. Those moments, with their perfect harmonies, can only be described as spine chilling.

8. “Colder Weather”

From: Full Of Cheer (2014)

In 2010, the Zac Brown Band released a song that spoke straight to the hearts of many country fans all over the world. The emotional tune tells the tale of a trucker who can’t go home to see the woman he loves due to the bad weather. Despite the cold surrounding him, the trucker remained hopeful that he’ll be able to see his love soon.

Home Free decided to include a cover of “Colder Weather” in their tracklist three years later. This isn’t actually the first time Home Free has performed the song. As a matter of fact, the group stunned thousands with their performance of the song during one episode of The Sing-Off.

7. “Ring of Fire”

From: Crazy Life (2014)

The cover song that put Home Free over the top was Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire.” The all-male quintet first performed the song during The Sing Off, earning a standing ovation from the crowd and the judges.

6. “In the Blood”

From: Timeless (2017)

John Mayer’s “In the Blood” is one of the most popular songs in the genre right now. Rob Lundquist explained during an interview that the group instantly knew that they had to record a cover of the song.

“We first heard ‘In the Blood’ when Bobby played it on his show and was immediately drawn to the spirit and message of the lyrics. Our producer worked up the stripped-down arrangement, and we’re proud to have the opportunity to share our take on an incredible song,” Lundquist said.

And the group did it in the most beautiful way possible, with their remarkable harmonies and solo performances.

5. “God Bless The USA”

From: From The Top (2007)

Home Free has joined Lee Greenwood along with the members of The United States Air Force Band for an extra-patriotic rendition of “God Bless the U.S.A.” 

“Being able to sing a song that has inspired our nation for years is such an honor,” Austin Brown said in a press statement. “And then you add in the fact that we were able to do it not only with the original artist, but also The United States Air Force Band – such an incredible experience! I just hope it shines a little light into peoples’ days, like it has in mine.”

4. “Hillbilly Bone”

From: Timeless (2017)

Blake Shelton and Trace Adkins proved to be the perfect team when they rocked “Hillbilly Bone” all the way to the top spot on the Hot Country Songs chart. But when Home Free released their version, the group’s talent was placed on full display. Their arrangement mainly features bass singer Tim Foust, which makes sense – thanks to his deep voice that matches up with Adkins’. 

3. “Blue Ain’t Your Color”

From: Timeless (2017)

Keith Urban’s smooth, bluesy tune was a quick hit and cruised all the way to the No. 1 spot on the country chart. And it got to experience some twist when Home Free released their rendition. Though the group opted to stay true to the song’s original style, their arrangement took on a bit more of “an old-school Motown feel.”

2. “Cross That Bridge”

From: Dive Bar Saints (2019)

Home Free takes on the theme of forbidden love in “Cross That Bridge.” 

The song tells the tale of a summer romance between two teens, complete with dirt bike riding and skipping stones on the water. Sadly, their parents don’t exactly approve of this new love, but the couple pursues their relationship, thinking that’s just another “bridge” to cross.

1. “Go Rest High On That Mountain”

From: Dive Bar Saints (2019)

Home Free delivered a harmony-filled tribute to fallen soldiers in their cover of Vince Gill’s “Go Rest High on That Mountain.” The track served to honor those who’ve paid the ultimate price in service of their country.

“‘Go Rest High on That Mountain’ is a song that affects everyone who hears it, country fan or not,” Austin Brown said. “It touches on those feelings of hope that we must remember in times of loss and change – something we all experience together in this life.”


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