November 11

10 Facts About Austin Brown of Home Free

Austin Brown is described by the other Home Free Guys as the heartthrob. It is not only because of his good looks but also because of the true artist in him that easily reaches out to the audience.

1. He Grew up in a Southern Gospel Community.

He spent his childhood traveling with his dad’s southern gospel quartet or going with his mom on the church.

2. He attended Baldwin High School.

He went to Baldwin High School after moving to Milledgeville, Georgia with his dad in 2000.

Austin Brown, Home Free, Voices of Liberty
Via usd348.com

3. He pursued singing during his high school.

He directed his high school’s male quartet which achieved a 2nd place state-victory. Austin Brown said:

 “When I sing, I find my inner-self that I never knew existed. I lose myself to the audience in front of me.”

4. He attended Oklahoma City University on a full-tuition scholarship majoring in Music Theater.

The university helped him develop his knowledge and talent as a musician, arranger, and director.

5. He has toured the world extensively on cruise ships as a featured singer with Royal Carribean Cruise Lines.

He met Home Free on his 2nd  time as a featured singer on Royal Carribbean Cruise.

Austin Brown, Home Free, Voices of Liberty
Via royalcaribbean.com

6. He was a member of The Voices of Liberty at Disney World’s Epcot in Orlando Florida.

7. His beautiful sister is very supportive.

 Family is the most valuable support system. His sister’s support is seen on her social media accounts.

8. He likes fishing.

His Home Free buddies said he likes fishing.

Austin Brown, Home Free, Voices of Liberty

Via twitter.com

9. He is enjoying life with his gorgeous partner, Olena Noelle.

Austin doesn’t hesitate to express his love for Olena Noelle. Fans and followers wonder when will this lovely couple will tie the knot.

Austin Brown, Home Free, Voices of Liberty
Via pinterest.com

10. He forgets the lyrics most of the time.

Rob also mentioned this on one of his Periscope episodes. A fan caught a hilarious video of one of those moments when he forgot the words.

Since winning The Sing-Off, Home Free has been very busy touring around the world.  For more information about the group and their tours, please refer to their website here.


Austin Brown, Home Free, Voices of Liberty

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