July 30

‘The Old Rugged Cross’ More than an Inspiring Easter Song

Alan Jackson brings us a great song to sing for the day of Jesus’ ascension with his rendition of ‘The Old Rugged Cross’.

It’s not just a song for Easter that represents the sacrifices of Jesus and the faith that we have strengthened because of it. More than that, the song also speaks about keeping on or holding on to that faith that was reinforced despite the cross now being empty.

Today, we are celebrating the ascension of Jesus Christ into heaven. Yes, it has been forty days since we have rejoiced and proclaimed “He has risen!”

On this day, Jesus appeared to His disciples and vowed that He would always be with them and gifted them the Holy Spirit, as it was written in the Bible in Luke 24. By extension, we, He’s people, have also been given this promise and gift.

After Jesus had ascended His disciples returned to the city of Jerusalem with glee and hope in their hearts, then they worshiped Him. Today, as we remember Jesus’ ascension, we too should be filled with joy and hope, and, we too should worship Him.

What ‘The Old Rugged Cross’ tells us

The Old Rugged Cross’ is a hymn that reminds us of the suffering of Jesus and the struggle that He has overcome, along with the continued faith that we have because of what the rugged cross represents. As we sing this song today let us be reminded of the promise and gift that Jesus’ has given us. Along with that, let us be strengthened as Christians as we hold on to that old rugged cross and exchange it someday with a crown.

Alan Jackson’s smooth voice gives new life to an already incredible song. So as we listen to him and sing along in worship, remember the promise of Jesus this day and rejoice for He has ascended.

Here’s an amazing version of the old rugged cross for those who want to listen to other renditions of it.


Alan Jackson

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