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“Where Would I Be Without Jesus?” Stresses Jesus’ Vital Role

"Where Would I Be Without Jesus?" Stresses Jesus' Vital Role 1
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The question “Where would I be without Jesus?” is quite worth pondering on. But the answer to it is pretty obvious, especially for those who have developed a profound faith in Christ. It’s also one of the interesting topics for discussion. There’s a lot of wonderful things to share about this subject. Probably, the most basic answer to it is, “Without Jesus, we are nothing.” Bearing in mind that God sent His only begotten son, to save the world, can you imagine how and where we are now if Jesus didn’t come and die on the cross? It’s really hard to imagine, right? Besides, if we go through hard times in life, who are we calling to help and give us peace of mind? Definitely, it’s Jesus.

In this article, we’ll talk more on this subject by closely looking at a song that emphasizes the role of Jesus in our life. It’s a song of the same time, “Where Would I Be Without Jesus.”

Immersing in the Lyrics

The song “Where Would I Be Without Jesus” basically emphasizes the important role of Christ in our lives.  Certainly, a three-stanza hymn (including the chorus) could not tell all of Jesus’ power and miraculous works. But, the message conveyed in the song is cannot be just ignored as it only speaks of the truth.

The first verse talks about Christ’s ability to solve our problems, especially those beyond our human powers. It’s also a recognition of our weaknesses and Jesus’ omnipotence. So, without Him, how could we ever get through life’s difficulties?

When my burdens get heavy
I just kneel down and pray
I ask God to work ’em out
Not mine, but his own way

In the second stanza, the song focuses on the afterlife giving reference to the book of John. Here, Christ’s preparation of a better place for all His children was pointed out. The thought of being with Him all the time is something that each of us should desire.

In Chapter 14 of John verse 2 and 3
He says he’s preparing a place for you and me
With him on my side that’s all I’ll ever need
Oh, without Jesus where would I be?

The chorus shows relevance to the second verse as it stresses further the hereafter. Now, if He had not existed, we might just be spending our whole life in this sorrowful and evil world.

Where would I be without Jesus
Where would I spend eternity
Lost in the world full of sorrow
Without Jesus where would I be?

Listen to Buck Owens and The Buckaroos‘ recording of “Where Would I Be Without Jesus” below.

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