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Get To Know the Latest Member of Home Free, Adam Chance

In 2016, Home Free welcomed the latest member of the group, Adam Chance. He filled up the spot left by the original member and baritone Chris Rupp, who pursued a solo career.

Chance used to be the bass singer of Street Corner Symphony, an acapella group from Nashville, Tennessee. Just like Home Free, Street Corner Symphony also joined NBC’s reality show “The Sing-Off,” but finished the show in second place, losing the championship to Huntsville, Alabama group Committed.

If you want to get to know more about Adam Chance, please keep on reading below.

1. His Background Isn’t Primarily In Acapella Music

Adam Chance used to be a part of a marching band at Baldwin County High School, where he graduated in 2002. His other favorite outlet is the Last Great Fiction, a rock band active in southwest Alabama. He held band practices as a high school student at the loft in his parents’ house. He’s also into folk-style songwriting.

But several years ago, at the University of Alabama, he signed up for a couple of semesters with the university’s choir. Left to his own devices, he was singing more in the baritone or low tenor range. When the choir needed bass singers, Chance happily obliged.

2. He’s Got a Quite Unique Choice of Superpower

When asked if he could have one superpower, Adam Chance thinks it would be a lot more fun to be able to talk to animals.

“As someone who grew up reading comic books, this is a question I’ve thought about my whole life, and I’m still not sure I have the right answer. Most people would probably choose flight or mind-reading,” he said. “But, I think I’d have more fun being able to communicate with all animals.”

3. He Wants To Pay Back Those Who Helped Him Enjoy the Success He Has Today

If Adam Chance were given three wishes, his first wish would be “to pay back those who helped me along my way to becoming a successful musician. I think I’d probably owe my mom at least a mansion or two for all the support she’s given me,” Chance said.

His second wish would be perfect health and long-life for his loved ones. However, his third wish is quite like getting blood from a stone. It’s a yacht that doesn’t need fuel.

4. Hitting The Open Road Is On His Bucket List In 2020

Adam Chance has some bucket-list goal to pursue this year, and it’s to hit the open road. “I want to take my Harley [Davidson] out to the Grand Canyon,” Chance revealed. “That’s something I’ve wanted to do for years, and it would be a fun trip from California.”

5. He’s Lived All Over Alabama

Adam Chance is a native of Baldwin County, right across the bay from Mobile. He said he stayed in Baldwin County until his early 20s. His mom still lives there until today, while his family is all in the panhandle.

But he has lived all over Alabama, as far north as Huntsville and other places. “I loved it down there. I love Alabama in general, but I just love the coast down there because it’s so diverse.” Chance said. “You’ve got the beaches, and the Eastern Shore is a beautiful place. Mobile I’ve always said is like a miniature version of New Orleans.”

6. He Reminds Fans That Good Things Happen To Those Who Don’t Wait

Adam Chance is a firm believer that there’s an order to the universe.

“What’s meant to be is going to happen, regardless,” said Chance. “And let’s be honest, the best stories always begin with a ‘Why Not’ moment – ‘Why Not’ give the girl across the bar your number? ‘Why Not’ move to a new city for a fresh start? ‘Why Not’ quit your day job and join an a cappella group?”

“Sometimes, you just have to go for it because you’ll never know what could be if you don’t,” he added.

7. He May Someday Be An Author

If you check out Adam Chance’s Facebook page, you will see that in addition to being a motorcyclist, Twitch streamer, and songwriter, he also listed himself being a “future author.” Well, that’s no longer a surprise considering that he is a former journalism student at the University of Alabama.

Chance said he’s always writing these days as a hobby. “My mind’s all over the place, so I’ve got about ten different projects that are right now, just passion projects,” he said. “But I think there’s a good chance that in the next five years, I’ll probably have something that I want to put out.”

Well, we can’t wait for that day to come.


Adam Chance, Home Free

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