Home Free released a video on March 18, 2016, announcing the departure of Chris Rupp.  He left the group to pursue his musical endeavors and the group showed their support and respect for their founder’s decision.

In the video, they also introduced Adam Chance as the new member of the group after Chris’s final performance on May 8, 2016.

Adam Chance was warmly welcomed by the members and the fans of Home Free. The members are vocal in saying that they are grateful that Chance joined Home Free. Let’s get to know more about the man.

10 Facts About Adam Chance

1.   He studied Journalism And Music at the University of Alabama.

Home Free, Adam Chance, Baritone

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2. He was the former bass of Street Corner Symphony.

Street Corner Symphony and Home Free were among the contestants in NBC’s All Vocal Competition, The Sing-off in 2013.

Home Free, Adam Chance, Baritone

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3. He writes songs.

He wrote 2 songs for the Southern Autumn Nostalgia album on Spotify.

Home Free, Adam Chance, Baritone

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4. His favorite bass is Home Free’s, Tim Foust.

He does not listen much to a capella music but he said that his favorite bass singer is Tim.

A fan caught a video of Tim unintentionally breaking the sound system in one of their concerts.

Watch the video here:

5. He wants to be an animal whisperer.

The baritone said that he wants to have the ability to talk to animals when he was asked of a superpower he wants to possess.

zac brown band

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6. He has a grateful heart.

One of his wishes is to be able to pay back all those who helped him become a successful musician.

Home Free, Adam Chance, Baritone

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7. He wants to be an author.

The baritone admitted that he is always writing in his free time these days. It is also seen on his Facebook page.

Home Free, Adam Chance, Baritone

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8. He also plays several instruments like guitar, mandolin, banjo, saxophone.

Home Free, Adam Chance, Baritone

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9. He learned music theory in the marching band.

Home Free, Adam Chance, Baritone

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10. He is afraid of spiders.

Everyone has fears. For our charismatic baritone, it’s the fear of spiders.

Home Free, Adam Chance, Baritone

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A video on Youtube was uploaded to highlight the vocal capabilities of Adam Chance.

Check it out here: