September 18

Will You Let “Jesus Take the Wheel?”

This Carrie Underwood song really made us question our decisions in life. It imposes a great question to all of us Christians, are we going to let Jesus take the wheel?

Will we let the Lord decide on the things that we are going to do? Will we let Him guide us and show us the right way? These are the questions that we need to answer and we will look at it from both sides.

jesus, take the wheel
via Jesus Take The Wheel’s Official Music Video

Letting Jesus Take the Wheel

Letting someone decide on all the things that we will do is a big responsibility. This should not be the case for anyone. What we do and decide to do in the future is our sole responsibility. A huge exception for this is when we talk about the Lord. With Him, we can trust that He will choose a path that is good for us. This is a path where we will find happiness and assurance because He is with us all the way.

How can there be a problem with the Lord guiding us? The answer is simple. Our tendency to be over-dependent when someone is there can impose a problem. Just because the Lord is always there for us does not mean that He is going to be there all the time.

jesus, take the wheel
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When we were young, we were taught to believe the quote “Do your best, and God will do the rest.” To this day, the statement still resonates with me as I live my life on a daily basis. We must not let things be the way they are just because we believe that Jesus is there for us.

We must take action if we start seeing things that are wrong. The Lord had given us the power of knowledge to know what is right from wrong and to act accordingly. He expects us to follow His path because He may not always be there to guide us. Jesus can take the wheel but at some point, we must learn how to drive it ourselves.

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