February 14

Jordan Davis’ “Singles You Up” Definitely Struck A Chord As It Became A Breakout Hit

In 2017, Jordan Davis’ “Singles You Up” was released as the lead single from his debut album, Home State. 

And just like that! The Louisiana-born country singer made a splash onto the country music scene. This super catchy tune quickly racked up millions of streams. It climbed to the top spot of Billboard’s Country Airplay Chart and even peaked at Hot Country Songs chart. Guess it’s safe to say that country fans are loving this easygoing singalong, but do they know what it means?

Here’s Jordan Davis’ Easy Definition of The Song

Co-written by Jordan Davis with fellow songwriters Steven Dale Jones and Justin Ebach, “Singles You Up” tells the story of a man hoping to catch a girl’s attention and becoming more than friends. But in a twist of fate, the girl happens to be stuck in a relationship with a doofus who’s taking her for granted.

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Well, Jordan has a straightforward explanation for the tune. He said that the “Singles You Up” describes the thought of hanging around until a taken girl in time goes on the market. “If you think you can be a better boyfriend than the one she already has, just hang around,” he said. Who knows, you might someday get your shot.

The song came to life from a conversation the trio had after Ebach announced his engagement. Davis and Jones congratulated him, lauding him for being clever enough to not “single her up,” which they knew they needed to write. And just like that, they wrote the song, and they did it very quickly. In fact, it’s one of the fastest among Jordan Davis songs ever written.

Tune in below and enjoy Jordan Davis’ “Singles You Up” by playing the video below.


Jordan Davis

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