November 11

10 Facts About Rob Lundquist: The Low Tenor of Home Free


Home Free members describe Rob Lundquist as the man with the voice of an angel and a beard of a lumberjack. We all came to love him as he contributed humor and fun on stage.

Let us get to know him better!

10 Things About Rob Lundquist

1. He is a Gemini.

Robert Charles Lundquist was born on June 2, 1983. Geminis are known to be communicative, enthusiastic, friendly, and can make anyone laugh. These traits are very apparent when we see Rob on stage.

Home Free,Low, Rob Lundquist, Tenor
Via teepublic.com

2. Rob played saxophone in high school before switching to singing.

The young Rob was not comfortable singing in public then, so he played saxophone in a band.

Home Free,Low, Rob Lundquist, Tenor
Via musicnotes.com

3. He had a part in the Park Center Highschool Musical “Man of La Mancha.”

His first musical performance in “Man of La Mancha” got him addicted to singing and performing ever since.

Home Free,Low, Rob Lundquist, Tenor

4. He attended the University of Minnesota-Duluth.

Rob took up a Major in Music and a minor in Political Science.

Home Free,Low, Rob Lundquist, Tenor
Via d.umn.edu

5. He was a member of an a capella group Four Shadow.

He introduced himself to Home Free when he was a part of this group. When Four Shadow disbanded, he joined Home Free.

10 Facts About Rob Lundquist: The Low Tenor of Home Free 1
Four Shadow via singers.com

6. He can whistle like a bird.

We can see that he has mastered the art of whistling at their concerts. Check out a video below:

7. He is active in Periscope.

Rob keeps us updated on periscope where he is sometimes joined by his approachable wife, Kelsey. 

8. He worked as a bartender at the famous Guthrie Theatre.

He was a Level 5 Express barista at the famous Guthrie theater while he worked with Home Free.

Home Free,Low, Rob Lundquist, Tenor
Via mspmag.com

9. His facial hair is as famous as he is!

It is his beard that gave him identity in Home Free to the point that Shawn Stockman from Boyz II Men commented that he can never lose his beard. His beard even has it’s own twitter page. Check it out here.

Home Free,Low, Rob Lundquist, Tenor
Via twitter.com

10. Our low tenor is a movie buff.

His love for movies made him and his friend Eric Buegler of The Sound Exchange create The Avid Indoorsmen. A podcast for cinephiles of all ages. 

A fan shared Rob’s Periscope showing him on an empty Movie Theater.


Home Free, Rob Lundquist, Tenor

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