February 24

Home Free’s “Friends In Low Places” Will Make You Want To Spend a Day In The Beach


Get ready to hit the replay button again and again with Home Free’s “Friends In Low Places.”

Back in 2016, the popular country acapella group has announced that one of their founding members, Chris Rupp, will be leaving the band after nearly two decades to pursue his solo career. But before that happened, the five talented friends – Austin Brown, Tim Foust, Rob Lundquist, Adam Rupp, along with Chris – got together one last time to celebrate their friendship and treat their fans.

And there’s no better song choice for that than Garth Brooks’ “Friends In Low Places” – which tells the tale of a great old cowboy crashing the fancy wedding reception of his old lover.

Brooks released the song in 1990 as the lead single off his second studio album, No Fences, and it has always been special to him, being the last demo session he ever did as a singer.

Since then, the song has always been a crowd-pleaser, never failing to bring in thunderous applause. It spent a remarkable four weeks at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs and has taken home 1990 Single of the Year both on Academy of Country Music and Country Music Association awards.

And Home Free was more than ready to take up the challenge of covering this classic song – showing off their powerful vocals and harmonies. Their version was released in 2015 as part of their seventh studio album, Country Evolution.

What’s great with Home Free is that they’re not only incredible to listen to, but fun to watch as well. In the spring of 2016, fans were delighted when Home Free finally released a music video for “Friends in Low Places.”

The video kicks off in a much somber location where the five members sat together inside an apartment’s living room. Foust then launched into the familiar tune that perfectly matched the atmosphere.

But as the chorus begins, the beat started picking up, and the song was turned into a somewhat reggae-themed sing-along that will immediately remind you of how fun summertime is. Of course, the band picked up the pace too, as their location was transformed into a beach – where they were lounging on beach chairs, swimming and snorkeling, having fun by the pool, and even enjoying some cold drinks.

Needless to say, their vocals are remarkably tuned and flawlessly blending to make a wall of sound that you’d forget the guys have no instrument at all but just pure talent.

You can watch Home Free’s “Friends In Low Places” in the video below to see it for yourself.


Garth Brooks, Home Free

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