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Kelsea Ballerini Songs: The Best Hits By The Country Sweetheart

It’s been seven years since Kelsea Ballerini songs first graced the country radio, and since then, music fans endlessly show plenty of love for the young singer-songwriter until she became one of the most prominent young voices in country music. 

Can you believe the Grammy-nominated artist started writing songs when she was only 12 years old? She draws inspiration from her self-doubt, heartaches, and breakups – which is definitely why she found success at a relatively young age. Her genuineness shines through her tracks, and each one is catchier and more relatable than the next. 

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With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of Kelsea Ballerini‘s best hits so far. Keep on scrolling below.

1. “Peter Pan”

From: The First Time (2015)

Co-Written by Ballerini herself, the song tells the tale of a love interest which is not willing to take responsibility nor has the intention to stick around. “It’s a kind of heartbreak that not a lot of people talk,” the singer explained. It resonated with fans so much that Ballerini revealed people were bringing their personal stories to her.

2. “Love Me Like You Mean It”

From: The First Time (2015)

Ballerini was first introduced to the world with the infectious “Love Me Like You Mean It.” It was released as the lead single from her debut studio album, and it turned out to be her first No. 1 hit – launching her reign on the country charts. It even landed at No. 45 on Billboard Hot 100.

3. “Miss Me More”

From: Unapologetically (2017)

While exploring through her inner self, trying to discover who she really is after a terrible breakup, Ballerini co-wrote the song wherein she listed down all the reasons why she’s better off without her then-lover. She came to the realization that his different demands when they were together made her lose her independence. 

4. “Half of My Hometown”

From: Kelsea (2020)

Ballerini paid homage to her home state of Knoxville, Tennessee, in this thoughtful track as she looked back to both the good and bad of a small-town upbringing. She teamed up with country star Kenny Chesney, who also hails from Knoxville.

And Ballerini took everyone back to her hometown for the song’s music video, with scenes shot in her high school and streets near her childhood home.

5. “Hole in the Bottle”

From: Kelsea (2020)

As her attempt for the most classic country genres, the drinking song finds Ballerini nursing heartache from a broken relationship. Luckily, she was able to get through it with a little help from a bottle of wine.

“Hole in the Bottle” reached No. 2 on Billboard Country Airplay while also peaking at No. 6 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart.

6. “Dibs”

From: The First Time (2015)

This fun and flirty song is about girls hitting on boys, and Ballerini wants people who listen to it to feel empowered and confident. “It’s important for girls to have that voice. I hope people listening to that song think, ‘That is so me right now,'” the singer said.

7. “Yeah Boy”

From: The First Time (2015)

The country star definitely does not shy in going after the boy she’s crushing on. 

But while you might think this bubbly tune is about a crush or a past relationship, the singer explained that she actually got the idea from a Super Bowl commercial for Doritos.

8. “Legends”

From: Unapologetically (2017)

Ballerini wrote this bittersweet ballad from the perspective of a breakup wherein she sings about a relationship’s glory days – an us-against-the-world romance. Unfortunately, that intense romance burned and then flickered out.

9. “Homecoming Queen?”

From: Kelsea (2020)

There are definitely no dry eyes whenever we listen to this song, especially with the lyrics that go, “Even the homecoming queen cries.” Indeed, it’s easy to make judgments, but you never know what a person is struggling with

10. “The Other Girl” 

From: Kelsea (2020)

Ballerini teamed up with fellow singer-songwriter Halsey for a song about a man who’s cheating on both of them. But in the end, the two women agreed it’s not about tearing each other down.

11. “I Hate Love Songs”

From: Unapologetically (2017)

While she’s undoubtedly in love right now, Ballerini went through a bad break-up before marrying fellow country singer Morgan Evans. This made her write super dark lyrics much easier in her earlier record that she came up with this anti-love song anthem, “I Hate Love Songs.”

12. “Looking At Stars”

From: The First Time (2015)

Though it was never released as a single, it’s absolutely one of the more romantic highlights of Ballerini’s career. It’s a shame that this sweetly sentimental piece never really got its due.

13. “Unapologetically”

From: Unapologetically (2017)

The title track of her second studio album, Ballerini refers to “Unapologetically” as her “proper love song” – despite not being a fan of the genre. She wrote the song a few weeks before meeting her husband.

14. “First Time”

From: The First Time (2015)

While she contributed to writing all 12 songs on her debut, the title track was something she penned on her own. She explained that the song’s story actually came from her experiences and the real things going on while writing it.

15. “Square Pegs”

From: The First Time (2015)

The country singer thinks of herself as a square peg – and that’s just how she likes it. Ballerini said she wrote the song as she wanted to capture the insecurity she’s had – feeling like you don’t necessarily fit. And she believes plenty of people feel the same way.

Here Are Some More Kelsea Ballerini Songs You Need To Add On Your Playlist

Each of the songs in this list is evidence of Ballerini’s ability to capture the attention of her listeners. Check out more of her best tracks below.

  • “I Quit Drinking”
  • “XO”
  • “In Between”
  • “Get Over Yourself”
  • “Graveyard”
  • “Machine Heart”
  • “Secondhand Smoke”
  • “High School”
  • “Stilettos”
  • “Better Luck Next Time”

So, which among are your favorites in this list of Kelsea Ballerini songs?


Kelsea Ballerini

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