October 4

The Inspiration Behind Kelsea Ballerini’s Homecoming Queen

It was no surprise when Kelsea Ballerini’s “Homecoming Queen” broke some hearts the moment it was released two years ago as the lead single off her third studio album Kelsea. It only proves that the country star will always be a storyteller no matter where life takes her.

The song reached No. 14 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart while fairly crossing-over to the pop chart, peaking at No. 65 on Billboard Hot 100.

Story Behind The Song 

Among Kelsea Ballerini songs, “Homecoming Queen” is definitely the most emotional one to date. The Tennessee native wrote the tear-jerking ballad with Nashville songwriters Nicolle Galyon and Jimmy Robbins, telling the tale of a homecoming queen who hides her true emotions from the world.

And it absolutely resonates to its listeners, especially to women who feel the pressure to show a brave face and never let bad days show. But as Ballerini explained, “It’s important for people to know that we’re all allowed to break down, we’re allowed to have bad days, and we don’t always have thick skin.” 

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Indeed, Kelsea Ballerini is using her platform to tell the world that it will always be okay to show our true selves and reveal your insecurities, even when it’s not easy to do so. After all, we are all human.

The mellow country ballad comes with an equally powerful music video wherein Ballerini stripped away all the makeup and the posh dresses to expose her honest-to-goodness self. It portrays the rollercoaster of emotions experienced by most stars wherein one moment countless of fans are cheering for them, and the next they are almost totally deserted with their uncertainties and self-doubt. 

You can watch it below, as the country star exemplifies courage that makes fans more likely to follow suit.


Kelsea Ballerini

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