October 12

We Could Use a Little ‘Heaven Down Here’ Prays Mickey Guyton

With discrimination towards other races increasing globally, and that gnawing feeling that we are puppet on-strings by those people who are in power, Mickey Guyton asks God for a ‘Heaven Down Here’ with the hope that he will mitigate these contemporary problems our world is facing today.

Advocating Hope

In the music video of her track, alongside shots of military and health frontline workers working their hardest, comes also shots of the recent events that involve the great American flag and the Black Lives Matter slogan. Using these images, Mickey Guyton explained that it was connected to the very depths of her heart through the story of ‘Heaven Down Here’.  She also stated that the song was a product of her raw emotion, a song subjective only to her herself with the intent to heal her heart and of those who can empathize with the song’s message.

Despite her being pregnant, and it one of the reasons why Guyton has been extra emotional up until now. She said that she wanted to do her part by spreading hope through her songs where she enforces that not everything that’s happening now is our endgame, but only a transition period for a better future.

Songwriters Gordie Sampson, Hillary Lindsey, Josh Kear, and their MV director Sarah McColgan have been a great help to Guyton. During their shooting days, Guyton was overwhelmed as she witnessed the crew’s preparation and efforts to make her music a success.

Crazy for Change

‘Heaven Down Here’ is a track included in the album she released in July but because the message of the song was too powerful for her, it deserved another spotlight through the MV in her current EP ‘Bridges’.

The world is crazy indeed, but what’s amazing is that this pregnant country start is crazier for change, for healing, and for equality. In the soon perfect world, there will be no pandemic, no discrimination, and corruption. In the meantime, the best we can do right now is to not give up on hope and to continually pray that love envelops this side of heaven that is full of crazy people.

Stay tuned to Mickey Guyton’s ‘Heaven Down Here’ music video and audio on leading streaming platforms, and feel the message of hope she’s prepared for us.


Mickey Guyton

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