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Listen To Aaron Shust Songs and Bask in God’s Glory

Over the past decade, Aaron Shust songs have made him one of the most reputable singers in Christian music. Combined with his considerable depth and passion, he was named the Songwriter of the Year at the GMA Dove Awards of 2007.

Though life’s sufferings usually produce misery and heartache, Aaron Shust has definitely shown through his songs that you’ll often find unexpected joy in life’s hardest trials as long as you’re willing to look. Each of those crises made Shust lean more firmly into his faith – and the result is a compelling collection of songs that are godly, restorative, and ultimately triumphant. 

Check out below some of our favorites.

1. “My Savior My God”

From: Anything Worth Saying (2005)

Written by Shust himself, “My Savior My God” was the second biggest Christian song of the 2000s. The impact of it was even recognized with the Song of the Year award by Gospel Music Association Dove Awards.

“My Savior My God” is Shust’s first No. 1 hit on Christian radio – where it remained for eleven weeks – and was also the most played song on Christian adult contemporary radio in 2006. Overall, the powerful ballad peaked at No. 1 on six charts at once.

It is a beautiful song that tells us that wherever we are in life, especially when we’re going through hard times, God is there with us. It expresses truthfulness that is deeply personal to each of us who have faith in Christ as their Savior.

Shust borrowed most of its lyrics from an old hymn called “My Savior,” which can be found in the 1885 songbook Songs of Joy and Gladness, composed by Wm. J. Kirkpatrick. However, the words were written by Dora Greenwell – on a poem with the title “Redemption” and was published in a slim volume of poetry, Songs of Salvation, in 1873.

2. “O come, O come, Emmanuel”

From: Christmas EP (2008)

Shust’s “O come, O come, Emmanuel” has become a regular holiday favorite; however, the beloved hymn actually has its origins more than 1,200 years ago in monastic life during the 8th or 9th century – wherein its words were originally written in Latin.

In 1861, John Mason Neale from Hymns Ancient and Modern translated it into English. Though other English translations also exist, Neale’s version is so far the most prominent ones in the English-speaking world.

3. “My Hope Is In You”

From: This Is What We Believe (2011)

Released as the lead single off his 2011 album, This Is What We Believe, “My Hope Is In You” became Shust’s third No. 1 hit on the Hot Christian Songs chart – securing that position for nine remarkable weeks.

Shust described the song as something that praises God for being simply who he is.

When Shust was recording this song, his young son Nicky was diagnosed with Eosinophilic Esophagitis, a painful illness that made him impossible to take any nutrition. Indeed, the song came one of the most challenging seasons of his life and his family. Thankfully, his child miraculously got healed, moving Shust even more to worship God.

This is one out of three songs he did not write for the album.

4. “Ever Be”

From: Love Made a Way (2016)

The first time you’ll listen to it, you might think that it’s a love song. This is because Shust reflected his love for his wife, Sarah, as a mere shadow of the love the Father has for us. He pointed out how God uses the example of marriage in both the Old and New Testaments to demonstrate His level of devotion to his people!

And “Ever Be” has beautifully captured such imagery that Shust quickly fell in love with the song the first time he heard it. It peaked at No. 3 on Billboard’s National Christian Audience chart.

5. “You Redeem”

From: Love Made a Way (2016)

When Shust was recording the demo for “You Redeem,” the singer revealed that he had to stop several times because he got so choked up. 

Written by Matt Hammitt and Seth Mosley, the song became very personal to Shust. “The lines are so close to my heart,” he said, adding that though we were not constantly experiencing God’s promises, we can cling to the fact that He will redeem. After all, redemption can be seen all over the Bible. 

6. “God of Brilliant Lights”

From: Morning Rises (2013)

The moment you begin listening to the words of this catchy song, you’ll realize how incredible its message is. It will make you think about “how every good and perfect gift comes down from the Father of heavenly lights.”

When you take a look at Jesus, you will be reminded of how He came to shine on the sin’s darkness – even beyond our souls’ darkness. Jesus’ promises, as well as the hope he gives us, can be compared to “the morning sunrise, piercing through the night.”

7. “To God Alone”

From: Take Over (2009)

“To God Alone” is Shust’s way to give glory to God in all aspects of his life – whether it’s his money, efforts, or time. He wants to remind all of us that the reasoning behind every decision we make should be to bring glory and honor to the One who deserves it rather than ourselves. 

Even though we may rise and have our own moments, we’ll never know when we’re going to fall – only the Lord remains steadfast.

8. “Death Was Arrested”

From: Love Made a Way (2017)

“Death Was Arrested” is a song by North Point Worship and was recorded by Shust in 2017. And its powerful lyrics resonated with listeners.

The song reminds us that the reason we are able to experience freedom and redemption is because of the resurrection. At the end of the day, Jesus within us is our hope for everything.

9. “This I Know”

From: Nothing to Fear (2019)

“This I Know” is just the song we all need today, especially that most of us are being surrounded by uncertainties and that our fear may often try to steal control. We may be flooded with anxiety at the moment, but this song will remind us that Jesus loves us – and that fact is enough not to allow the waves of doubt to drown our soul.

10. “Rest”

From: Nothing To Fear (2019)

Recently featured as one of the songs Shust performed from his YouTube series: Live From Quarantine, the singer described the song as the “timely word for myself during this season of being bound at home.”

Even if the past few years have been an emotional rollercoaster ride for the singer – being a father to three young sons – he has witnessed miracles with every trial and tribulation. You’ll see them all through Aaron Shust songs.


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