10 Best Jerry Reed Songs


Arden Lambert


April 21, 2021


April 21, 2021


April 21, 2021

Jerry Reed songs have hopped from generation to generation. You might not notice it, but we bet you have already heard at least one song from the Country Hall of Famer. 

From video games like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas to films like The Bounty Hunter, his tunes had come a long way from the 1950s. If you’re interested in country music, you should take a crash course on the top 10 best Jerry Reed songs before listening to anyone else. You don’t need to look anywhere else, as it’s a good thing we got you covered.

10. “The Claw”

Recorded in 1967 for his album The Unbelievable Guitar and Voice of Jerry Reed, “The Claw” is a mix of witty lyrics and acting chops that sometimes overshadows the instrumentals. He has excellent guitar skills, but that’s not highlighted in it. Furthermore, not much is known about this song of Jerry Reed, so it remains a classic song with mystery in origin.

9. “Guitar Man”

Thanks to Elvis Presley, this song peaked on sky-high reach. Jerry Reed was merely a fresh, young songwriter when the King himself took notice of his talent. Presley’s version of “Guitar Man” took mainstream by the storm; thus, it gained even more popularity. Meanwhile, other Reed compositions turned into a timeless piece by his fellow country legends. Porter Wagoner, for example, made his 1962 hit “Misery Loves Company” and Presley’s “U.S. Male” rendition.

8. “You Took All The Ramblin’ Out Of Me”

Released in 1973, “You Took All The Ramblin’ Out Of Me” was part of the country icon’s album Hot a’ Mighty! Reed consistently portrays himself as a bit of a hell-raiser, and that’s evident on this track. Before the term “outlaw” became a layman’s term, his attitude has set foot on this persona. You can listen to some of the songs’ characters, and you’ll find out how he can be a mix of a good and bad guy. In this case, a woman cures his leading man from rambling fever.

7. “Lord, Mr. Ford”

The “Lord, Mr. Ford” song portrays Jerry Reed’s longing for the good ole days. He particularly described the inconvenience caused by cars, which is a staple in modern society. You can’t just go anywhere without your own vehicle or riding public transport. Also, the lyrics are somewhere between political views and a clever joke which is quite witty.

6. “The Bird”

Another country legend, Merle Haggard, is similar to Jerry Reed. Their skills of impressionism are so impressive that they tend to use that during their concert. “The Bird” is about a talking parrot with a real future in the music scene. The country artist has also made great impressions of George Jones and Willie Nelson.

5. “When You’re Hot, You’re Hot”


Like other Jerry Reed songs, “When You’re Hot, You’re Hot” is a remarkable piece among the country legend’s works. He created an original music with funny antics in the story, which is highly interesting. Moreover, this track is a crossover hit but did maintain the Southern-born wit and wisdom. Released in 1971, it actually topped the country charts for a whopping five weeks and popped open the charts’ Top 10. No wonder it’s on the Top 5 list based on its achievements.

4. “Alabama Wild Man”

Jerry Lee Lewis joins Reed on this fantastic track as the former’s fiery vocals hit the right notes. With precise guitar picking, Reed’s other friend and mentor, Atkins, also participated in creating a rocking yet fun deep cut that’ll put your garage rocker friends to shame.

3. “She Got The Goldmine (I Got the Shaft)”

“She Got The Goldmine (I Got the Shaft)” is a song recorded by Jerry Reed and written by Tim DuBois. Released in June 1982, it’s a satire about divorce where a blue-collar worker asked his girlfriend to marry him because he can’t stand his own cooking. The song ends with a spoken-word epilogue between him and the judge of the court. He also added that his income is so low, which qualifies for food stamps and the judge immediately made contempt of court.

2. “Amos Moses”


Reed’s highest-charting single to date, “Amos Moses,” was released in October 1970. The song has been used as a line dance taught at YMCAs and bagged certified gold for sales of 1 million units by the RIAA. Billboard’s Year-End Hot 100 put the track in the No. 28 spots in 1971. And some fun facts? Jerry Reed’s “Amos Moses” has appeared in the popular video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andres soundtrack and received covers from different artists.

1. “East Bound and Down”

The most famous song from Jerry Reed’s collection, “East Bound and Down,” was recorded by the country icon for Smokey and the Bandit’s movie soundtrack. This was released in August 1977 and spent 16 weeks on the U.S. country music charts. It played well with the listeners who helped the track climbed up to No. 2 on the charts. This song became synonymous with the epic career of Jerry Reed and is remembered as his first legacy on the country music industry.

Jerry Reed songs always have a place on the classic country songs list. Each piece upholds the authentic country sounds of the south and west, which is rare these days. He may not always have songs that crossovers to the mainstream charts, but it’s worth noting how the country legend’s track can hold all on its own. For the top 10 best Jerry Reed Songs, the refreshing, funny, witty, and catchy concepts are present on each tune, tempting new artists to reprise Reed’s lively songs.


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