November 6

Kenny Rogers Take Us Back in Time in His Song, “Twenty Years Ago”

“Twenty Years Ago” by Kenny Rogers is a song composed by Wood Newton, C. Michael Spriggs, Dan Tyler, and Michael Noble. Originally, it was recorded in 1983 by Juice Newton and included in her album Dirty Looks. Kenny Rogers covered the song in 1987 and included it in his album, “They Don’t Make Them Like They Used To.” Bill Champlin provided the backup vocals.

What Is The Song All About

Just as the title says, “Twenty Years Ago” by Kenny Rogers is a song that talks about his visit to his old town. This is the place where he grew up, and he recalls how life was much simpler and better back then. He remembers the old movie house where he stayed every Friday night. He also mentions the drug store where he used to work back then, but now he can’t find anyone that he knew there. He also recalls his childhood friend who joined the army and eventually died in Vietnam.

According to its composers, basically, the idea of the song was what if you decide to go back to your hometown after 20 years and reminisce all the memories and discover new things that came up?

The last part of the song is probably the saddest verse since it talks about Joe joining the Army in 1964 but never coming back. Some people are quite hesitant about this last verse since, during that time, they want to forget about the war and just get over it. 

Before Kenny Rogers recorded the song “Twenty Years Ago,” it had already been performed by several artists. However, Kenny Roger’s version became a big hit. In fact, it peaked at number two on the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart. Other Kenny Rogers songs that became the biggest hits include “Coward of the County” (1979), “Islands in the Stream” (1983), “Lady” (1980), and many more.

Here is the music video of the song that was filmed in Clarksville, Tennessee particularly on Franklin Street.


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