April 30

Hillary Scott’s “Thy Will” Reminds Us that We Must Trust God’s Will

 Hillary Scott’s Miscarriage

Hillary Scott sings "Thy Will" via youtube.com by screengrab
Hillary Scott sings “Thy Will” via youtube.com by Screengrab

Hillary Scott co-wrote the song “Thy Will” with Bernie Herms and Emily Wiseband. Scott penned this song in line with her personal tragedy when the most awaited pregnancy ended in miscarriage.

It was hard for them to know that the baby they want was already gone. She kept on questioning God,

“Why do bad things happen?”

This is one of the most painful parts of Scott’s life. However, when Scott was writing the song “Thy Will” she was in her healing process stage where everything must all go back to zero. As the song was already released and people already heard about it, people’s feedback touched the heart of the composer. They share the same stories and some cheered her up.

Scott’s faith in God is so strong. She even included “Thy Will be done” in the Lyrics which means whatever your plans Lord, I will trust in you.  She may have lost her child but she never gave up. Though God got the baby from them, God rewarded her with supportive friends and a loving family who is with her during her downfall.

“Thy Will’s” Content

“Thy Will” is a Christian Country Song. It is produced by Ricky Skaggs with Bernie Herms who assisted him. The song lasts for three minutes and fifty-seven seconds. It was released April 22, 2016.

The song reached the top of the Billboard Hot Christian Songs in July 2016. Moreover, it also ranked number 27 on the magazine’s Hot Country Music songs chart.

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