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Alan Jackson’s “Love Lifted Me” Reminds Us the Power of God’s Love

Love is always the greatest of all. In this world, we can do anything good with love. Love can lift anyone out of their misery. It can teach us to understand, to forgive, and to care. Without love, we cannot survive in this cruel world.

Love Lifted Me Alan Jackson Precious Memories Volume II
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There are many forms of love, but the greatest of them all is the love from above. God’s love is what we all need in our life. His undying love has saved us from our sins and prepared us a place in heaven.

Isn’t that wonderful to hear? Knowing that God loves each and one of us is something uplifting. That’s why we enjoy songs that always remind us of God’s love, like the hymn “Love Lifted Me.”

Alan Jackson’s “Love Lifted Me”

In 2013, Alan Jackson released his second gospel album Precious Memories Volume II. This is his follow-up album after his first successful one. In the second album, he included some original songs he wrote. “Love Lifted Me” was among one of them.

The Song’s Content

In his original composition, Jackson speaks of what God’s love has given or done to him. As you can see, all that God’s love can do is good. No evil deed is associated with God’s love.

I was sinking deep in sin
Far from the peaceful shore
Very deeply stained within
Sinking to rise no more
But the Master of the sea
Heard my despairing cry
From the waters lifted me
Now safe am I

Since God only showed Him love, in return, Jackson paid back God by praising Him. He showed God respect, and he put his trust in Him.

Precious Memories Volume II

This well-written and meaningful gospel song was never released by Jackson as a single. Therefore, it wasn’t able to enter the Billboard chart. However, his second gospel album did. Precious Memories Volume II reached the top of the Christian Albums chart. Furthermore, the album also secured spots at the Top Country Albums and Billboard 200 chart.

Now, come and join us as we fill our hearts with God’s love.


Alan Jackson

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