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May 31, 2019


May 31, 2019


May 31, 2019

Country artists draw their inspiration when recording a song from their experiences in life. They kinda need it, don’t you agree?

These artists know that people can easily relate to them when the music that they are doing is based on real-life experiences. Loretta Lynn is one of those classic artists who is very honest with her music.

Read and find out below what prompted her to write the song “Who Says God is Dead.”

loretta lynn, time magazine, who says god is dead
Photo Credits: Loretta Lynn/ Official Facebook Home Page

Loretta Lynn’s Response to Time Magazine

During Time Magazine’s 1966 cover story, the topic on the existence of God was everywhere. The story focused on the evolving ideas and perspective of society on the concept of God. Many are questioning and thinking “Is God Dead?”

loretta lynn, god, time magazine Who says God is Dead
via Loretta Lynn’s Official Twitter Account

This did not sit well with Loretta. After reading the story, she decided to break her silence and respond to the non-believers with a gospel tune. She explained:

“At the time I wrote this song, there was lots of talk about God being dead. I  don’t know why, ’cause even if you were out of your mind, how could you say God is dead? I thought, ‘How sick can one get? ‘Cause all I can say is the God I worship is very much alive.’ Who says God is dead? Not me!”

Lyrics Breakdown

Who says God is dead?
That’s stupid and mighty low
I like to meet ’em face to face
And tell ’em it’s not so.

loretta lynn, god, time magazine who says God is dead
via Screen frame from Youtube

The song is a strong response to all the non-believers out there. Loretta Lynn is bold with the lyrics of the song that she even called people stupid.  But, the intention of the song is to shed light on those who question God’s existence.

Loretta’s song almost sounds like a shock. How could anyone question Him when a lot of people have experienced His miracles?

In a world where almost everyone disagrees about something, I can certainly relate to Loretta. Faith has always been there for me and, sometimes, it even lifts me up when I am feeling down.

Listen to the song by clicking here.


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