June 29

Brandi Carlile’s “Most Of All”: A Moving Song Dedicated to Our First Love

There are several themes and inspirations that came into life through the tracks included on the 2019 Grammy Award-winning album, By The Way, I Forgive You, but Brandi Carlile’s “Most Of All” definitely stands out among the rest!

Motherhood has been on the country singer’s mind quite a bit a lot, ever since she welcomed her first daughter – Evangeline Ruth – with her wife Catherine in 2014. She has been very vocal about the tolls of parenthood, even admitting that making the necessary adjustments took her a while – at the same time, changing her “entirely and so fundamentally.” You’ll get a glimpse of Brandi Carlile‘s process and excitement of becoming a first-time parent in the song “The Mother.”

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However, in “Most Of All,” Carlile chose to tackle the topic of parenthood from the opposite side – this time, as a daughter. The Washington state native wrote the heart-tugging song after witnessing both her parents lost their mothers in 2017 – an experience Carlile said to be “certainly very impactful.”

Growing up, Carlile listened to her parents complain and grumble about their mothers, the reason why they won’t sometimes answer their mothers’ calls, and all other similar situations. But the very moment those women were gone, it seemed like all those unpleasant memories swiftly vanished to thin air. Instead, it was replaced with amusing stories and nothing but the good things. Well, that’s no surprise as our parents will always be our first love.

Sadly, they won’t be by our side for the rest of our lives. “They’re going to leave you, and there’s a very important lifelong forgiveness that needs to take place about that concept,” Carlile said.

Without a doubt, “Most Of All” is a powerful reminder among Brandi Carlile songs.

You can listen to “Most Of All” by Brandi Carlile in the video below.


Brandi Carlile

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