October 21

In The Shelter of His Arms: A Classic Gospel Song of The Oak Ridge Boys

Music is art, and In The Shelter of His Arms by the Oak Ridge Boys elicits praises to the Lord, just like many of their gospel songs. They did this even before they got the spotlight and received several awards, such as the Grammy awards, for their famous country songs. 

There Are Peace in Times of Trouble

The Oak Ridge Boys songs remind us that whenever we’re in such a horrible state, with problems that we can’t find a solution to or any troubling situation, we can always find peace and shelter in the arms of our lord. By believing in him, we can always find our way out to resolve things that we cannot handle. Some people might leave us in times of trouble, but this song reminds us whenever we feel alone, our lord will always be there and will never desert us. Having faith in him will always bring peace of mind and a feeling of fulfillment.

More about the Song

The song In The Shelter Of His Arms by The Oak Ridge Boys is part of the group’s studio album, named On the Sunny Banks, and released in 2000. Ray E. Heady, a clergyman, has written this song. And with their wonderful voices and beautiful renditions, the quartet produced a cover of a truly genuine and heart-filling song that we can sing to give praises to the Lord.

If you are scared and troubled by many problems in your life, remember that God will always be there. He will never leave you alone, even in your darkest time. And with the song, In the Shelter of His Arms by the Oak Ridge Boys, we hope that you can find comfort in the shelter of his arm. You can click the video below and listen to the song.


The Oak Ridge Boys

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