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Song for Solidarity “Love Wins” by Carrie Underwood is What Our World Needs Now

Carrie Underwood, since the time she won The American Idol has become one of the artists whose music united people from different backgrounds, creeds, religions, and colors. This was supported by her thundering performance of her power anthem “Love Wins.” It was the second single to be released from her then much anticipated 2018 album, Cry Pretty. This also provided the country music industry a new beat and a new song for people to sing-along with.

Underwood’s Personal Album

Carrie Underwood made sure that she had her personal touch with the release of “Cry Pretty.” She co-produced the album and co-wrote nine of the 13 tracks. It was also the first album under her new label.

The album told us a lot about Underwood’s personal experiences and struggles. This was released following two events which caused a toll in Underwood’s physical and mental well-being. First was the “freak accident,” as Underwood termed it, which left her a broken wrist and several stitches around her mouth.

Carrie Underwood also revealed how she had experienced three heartbreaking miscarriages in two years. She admitted that the pain she’d been trying to deal with was terrible. It was hard for her to keep telling everyone that she was okay although she wasn’t. Underwood added that singing about her painful experiences truly helped her to move forward.

It’s not surprising then that Carrie Underwood was much more attached with “Cry Pretty” than any other albums she had previously released.

“Love Wins”

This is perhaps one of the most emotional songs from Underwood that we’ve heard. Like any of the other songs that were in the “Cry Pretty” album, “Love Wins” also had a strong message embedded on it.

The song outlined several current events that defined each word despite being overlayed by a hard-hitting beat. “Love Wins” emotional foundation, however, was a bit different from other songs. After the heavy and intense themes about alcoholism and honoring families of victims of gun violence, “Love Wins” presented a sober theme.

Underwood said that as she was writing “Love Wins,” she was anxious because she didn’t want people to misinterpret the song’s intent. Still, her drive to convey a unique message caused her to finish writing and recording the song.

She saw how people could easily draw conclusions or just reacting in anger on what seem to be a controversial theme. Underwood added that it’s not about a person being innately bad, but either he is just different or a victim of misfortunes.

Love Wins” was penned to inspire people to engage with each another with open hearts. While we may not always agree on all things, having a dialogue with someone with a different perspective than you could always be an eye-opening experience.

“I love the fact that I feel like this song is kind of saying no matter who you are, what you feel, what you think – we didn’t want it to be political. We didn’t want it to be polarizing. We wanted it just to acknowledge that we’re in a broken world. We’re all human beings. We all deserve love. We all deserve respect and we all should try to show that to one another.”

This was also a lesson that Underwood wanted to impart to her children. She said that she would want to see her 3-year-old son Isaiah talking to people and coming to people with love.

She summed it up by saying that if everyone can practice this value, then we can add hope to the healing of our broken world. Underwood wished that when people hear “Love Wins,” they would all see things the way she understood them.

Carrie Underwood at Her Finest

When the single was released, it already found its placed on the charts of the top country songs. It debuted at the 30th spot and was the 34th song on the Country Airplay chart.

“Love Wins” presented Carrie Underwood at her finest as a singer-songwriter. The more one gets into the message of her song, the more he’ll want to advocate it.

As you listen and watch Underwood’s stunning performance, it unwraps her outstanding creativity that could be compared to how a light shines through the darkness. You’ll find yourself captivated by every beat, lyric, and note.


Carrie Underwood

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