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December 21, 2022


December 21, 2022


December 21, 2022

With the soft strumming of the guitar, Tyler Childers sends everyone a love song they’d never forget.

“Lady May” is an RIAA platinum-certified track recorded and sung by Tyler Childers as part of his platinum album, Purgatory. The song was released in 2017. In honor of his wife, Senora May, Tyler Childers wrote “Lady May,” which served as an apology whenever he and his wife would fight. 

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Childers’ raw and hoarse voice gives the song a sincere feeling. The emotion radiated by the music is pure enough to think it is a song for reconciliation and declaration of love.

Meaning Behind the Song

Tyler Childers used imagery in the song “Lady May” (mountains, forests, rivers, religion, seasons) to convey the song’s meaning. The lyrics depict a profession and declaration of true love, where one dedicates himself to the other and commits to her fully.

The repetition of the line lovely Lady May in the song might show how in love and committed he is to his Lady May. “Lady May” is one of Tyler Childers’ songs that perfectly portray the honest, pure, and raw emotion of your significant other. It’s incredible how a simple, repetitive melody can be used to profess your undying and genuine love for your man or woman.

“Lady May” by Tyler Childers received numerous praises from listeners and fans because of the lyrics and their meaning. Most gave positive comments about how the songs are “pure poetry,” “romantic,” and “moving” and that Childers’ songwriting and singing skills are on point. They said the song was beautifully made, and everyone instantly connected with it.

Take a listen to Tyler Childers’s “Lady May” right here.


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