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“Wings of a Dove:” An Amazing Cover Done by Dolly Parton

“Wings of a Dove” gave Ferlin Husky the recognition he deserves in his career. Even though he already had scored some number one songs on the chart, “Wings of a Dove” remains to be his most popular single.

Ferlin Husky Wings of a Dove Dolly Parton
Photo Credit: Ferlin Husky/ Billboard.com

The song was written by Bob Ferguson in 1958. And, it was Husky who brought the song to the top of the US Billboard chart. Furthermore, the single crossed over to the pop chart at number twelve.

Here’s Husky giving us his best version of “Wings of a Dove.”

The Other Versions of “Wings of a Dove”

After the song became popular, other artists also rushed to make their version. Some of the artists known to have recorded the song were George Jones, Loretta Lynn, Ricky Skaggs, and more. But, we’re not going to take a look at all of these great covers. Instead, we are jumping straight ahead to the rendition of the amazing Dolly Parton.

Dolly Parton Nailed Ferlin Husky’s Signature Song

It was never released as a single, but she should have because Parton really did a great job in covering Husky’s song. In 1971, her album The Golden Streets of Glory came out. And in it, she featured ten gospel songs including “Wings of a Dove.”

You can hear the Parton’s uplifting voice as she sings “Wings of a Dove.”

Since there were no songs released as a single, none made it to the Billboard chart. In fact, even the album was not able to secure a spot on the chart.

Reissued Album

Even though the album wasn’t commercially successful, it was rereleased in 2010 under another name. Letter to Heaven: Songs of Faith and Inspiration became the new name of the album. Furthermore, there were more songs added on the album.

Parton’s version may not be popular, but she did a wonderful version of the song. Don’t you agree, folks?


Dolly Parton, Ferlin Husky

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