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10 Hidden Facts You Need To Know About Garth Brooks

Being a trailblazer in the ’90s, country music is something you might be familiar with, Garth Brooks. The living country icon has also been inaugurated in the Country Music Hall of Fame, Songwriters Hall of Fame and, Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum with The G-Men, his studio musicians. Brooks has been in the limelight for so long that fans think every piece of information about the superstar they already know. 

However, there is still room for surprises for people who support him. Curious? Here are the 10 hidden facts you need to know about Garth Brooks.

1. His family host their own talent shows

Well, it’s more like weekly talent nights at their cozy Yukon, Oklahoma home. Garth’s parents encouraged him and his siblings to explore their talents and required everyone to participate. Their talent goes way beyond the usual sing and dance performance, but his sister Kelly and other four half-siblings studied other things like skits and playing musical instruments.

The superstar reminisced about his fun childhood Friday and Saturday nights as they bonded together and nurtured his vocals and his confidence on stage.

2. Garth has a master’s degree

It’s a shocker to many that a country icon who’s busy enough with world tours and album promotions has time to get a master’s degree. Actually, the truth is that he stopped his music career starting from the early 2000s until 2014. He took up advertising at the Oklahoma State University and achieved a master’s degree in business administration in 2011. 

3. He got his singing talent from his mother

Believe it or not, Garth Brooks’ mom is country singer Colleen Carroll. In fact, Capitol Records was her home record label in the 1950s and was a mainstay on the Ozark Jubilee. Colleen was a role model and mentor to her children growing up.

4. You can’t find his original tunes on iTunes or Spotify.

Garth Brooks likes to keep things authentic, and by authentic, he means no digital recording. Moreover, the “If Tomorrow Never Comes” hitmaker wants no tunes to get left behind, so he wants them sold as how they were recorded in no single format.

5. His kids are his first priority

Talk about true fatherly love. Garth Brooks’ children are now out of college and pursuing their own career paths. Nonetheless, a fact about the country icon is how he went on a long hiatus for his kids. He stopped all activities related to his music career to focus on his three daughters – Taylor Mayne, August Anna, and Allie Colleen.

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6. He had ordinary jobs before.

It’s a typical backstory for famous singers to have ordinary jobs. He worked as a bouncer while in college at Tumbleweeds which was a local Oklahoma club. When he graduated, an attorney named Rod Phelps encouraged Garth to go to Nashville and try the entertainment industry. However, he didn’t get to the limelight until much later and worked as a cowboy boots store manager first. There he met another aspiring country artist Ken Mellons. Another fun fact is that he wrote the single “Not Counting On You” while working in that shop.

7. Garth is also known as a superhuman to fans

The Country Hall of Famer loves his fans so much that when he did a meet-and-greet in 1996 Nashville’s Fan Fair, it lasted for a total of 23 hours and 10 minutes without him taking any break!

8. Garth and his ex-wife are on good terms

Garth Brooks and Sandy Mahl have been together for over 14 years, but the two announced their divorce in 1998 and finalized their legal separation in 2001. Nonetheless, they are still on good terms as they co-parent for their children. Even the current wife of Garth, Trisha Yearwood, helps raise the children. All in all, they are very harmonious.

9. Garth Brooks’ net worth is huge

We’re talking about hundreds of millions. An estimate of $400 million is an estimate of Garth Brooks’ net worth. But some reports say it’s actually a combination between Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood. The couple doesn’t really mind who brings home more dough and enjoys their earnings together. Can you guess who earns more?

10. He out beat The Beatles and Elvis Presley

Garth Brooks songs are now considered a country classic. On top of being one of the most successful artists globally, he beat The Beatles as the only artist with nine Diamond-status albums certified by the RIAA. The said band actually ranked second to him. Meanwhile, he was named number two on the best-selling artists list in the United States, which he outranked Elvis Presley.

Today, Garth Brooks enjoys his life with his wife and fellow country star Trisha Yearwood. They are happy together and live the best time with their girls to explore the natural world on their own. Their love story is unconventional. As they co-parent with his ex-wife Sandy Mahl, fans think this is a model for a modern family. Nevertheless, Garth Brooks’ is an honorable father, husband, and country artist.


Garth Brooks

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