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Why Did Ryan Bingham File for Divorce and a Name Change?

Ryan Bingham gained significant popularity because of his success in both his music and acting careers. His popularity skyrocketed even higher after playing a character named Walker, an ex-prisoner turned ranch hand in the hit drama series Yellowstone. Ryan also shocked fans when he filed for divorce after 12 years of marriage with his wife, Anna Axster

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Bingham and Axster were married in 2009 and had three children within 12 years of marriage. The two also worked together occasionally, with Anna Axster directing some of Bingham’s music videos. They also co-owned a record label and called it Axster Bingham Records. 

The reason why Ryan Bingham filed for divorce is still unknown, which isn’t surprising because the couple does tend to keep things about their relationship private. Additionally, following the divorce filing in June 2021, Bingham filed to change his name legally. 

Many assume it’s because of the divorce that Ryan Bingham made such a move. However, there is no official explanation for why he wants to change his name except for his desire to return to using his birth name. 

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It turns out that when they got married, Bingham changed his name from George Ryan Bingham to Ryan Axster Bingham. With the divorce, he now wants to drop his wife’s maiden name, “Axster,” and return to using his birth name. As for the children, there is currently no clear information if Bingham filed for joint or sole custody of the children. 

Ryan Bingham suddenly filing for divorce came as a massive shock for fans. After all, there were no signs of strain in the couple’s relationship, at least as far as their public image was concerned. It is always sad to see a lovely couple suddenly decide to call it quits, especially one like Bingham and Axster, that had 12 years of marriage under their belt. 


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