How Yellowstone’s Ryan Bingham Landed The Role Of Walker


Arden Lambert


February 22, 2021


February 22, 2021


February 22, 2021

It turns out Yellowstone’s Ryan Bingham has an incredible story behind how he landed the recurring role of Walker – an ex-felon who gets a second chance at the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch, working as the itinerant ranch hand.

Ryan Bingham – a singer-songwriter whose music spans multiple genres – previously explained how writer Taylor Sheridan invited him to join the show.

Bingham and Sheridan met a few years back while the actor-screenwriter was writing and directing a film called Wind River. Sheridan enlisted Bingham to write a song for the film. “I never seemed to come up with anything for the movies at that time that fit, but we always kept in touch and remained friends,” Bingham explained. “And when this show started up, he contacted me again about possibly writing some songs and using some of the songs that I already had.”

Since then, the two have been hanging out and got to know more about each other. When Sheridan learned about Bingham’s “history with rodeo and the cowboy thing,” he decided to add Bingham to the TV show he was currently writing at that time, and that was Yellowstone. “And so that’s how that all started,” Bingham said.

The extremely addictive Western drama series started gaining massive popularity ever since it was first aired in 2018 on the Paramount Network. It introduced us to John Dutton’s world – played by Kevin Costner – as the patriarch who strives to maintain control of his land and family in the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch.

Walker arrived at the ranch in the first season of Yellowstone, and his character quickly became a fan favorite. However, he was not a mainstay for the whole three-season run – he only stuck around for a few episodes, butting heads with Yellowstone’s ranch foreman, Rip Wheeler, on a regular basis. Until the time came when the lanky, bearded Walker wound up on the wrong side of Rip that he had to leave the ranch to avoid death. He then seemingly disappeared forever.

However, Walker came back at the end of Season 3 – in the episode, “I Killed a Man Today” – and was at the forefront of one of the season’s countless dramatic twists. Walter was alive and well, much to Rip’s surprise, as did all the many fans watching at home.

The third season of Yellowstone ended in August 2020, leaving fans wanting to see the upcoming episodes as soon as possible. The intense season finale led to questions about the key characters’ fate, including Walker.

Ryan Bingham has since appeared in thirteen episodes, and guess we’re about to see more of him as he confirmed that he would be returning to the famous ranch in Season 4. The singer-turned-actor has also posted a number of photos and videos from Montana, giving us a peek at how he prepares for the upcoming season.

As of the moment, there is only a limited amount of information available about Season 4. But the official Instagram account of Paramount Network’s Yellowstone has been teasing fans as they confirmed that the new season would begin this year, though no exact date was provided.

Are you excited to see more of Yellowstone’s Ryan Bingham as we are?


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