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Does Tate Dutton Fail to Escape Death’s Grasp in Yellowstone?

Fans of the Yellowstone series know there aren’t any dull moments in the show. For one, it’s a show that doesn’t hesitate to kill off characters. Yes, that’s right, even the main ones. So, after Tate Dutton got kidnapped by the end of Yellowstone season two, many fans started speculating about his death. 

Does Tate Dutton Lose His Life? 

Being the grandson of John Dutton, Tate is constantly in danger because he’s a target of his grandfather’s enemies. Although Tate got kidnapped and forced to fight off intruders in Yellowstone Dutton Ranch, he managed to survive. That said, Tate Dutton is still alive in the Yellowstone series by the end of Season 4. 

Who Were Tate’s Kidnappers? 

In season 2, Tate got kidnapped by a gang of Neo-Nazis that the Beck brothers hired. They are businessmen interested in the Brocken Rock Indian Reservation and, of course, the land of Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. These guys aren’t afraid to spill blood and have issued several attacks against the Dutton family. 

When Tate got kidnapped, the Duttons connected the dots and quickly learned that Teal and Malcolm Beck were behind the incident. After getting the information from the brothers, John leads a group to rescue Tate. 

Later, Kayce finds his son with a shaved head inside a bathroom. Although Tate didn’t sustain physical injuries throughout the ordeal, it was enough to traumatize him. 

Did the Duttons Get the Beck Brothers Back? 

Before rescuing Tate, Monica, Tate’s mom and Kayce’s wife, made Kayce promise two things, retrieving their son safely and taking out the Beck Brothers. The Duttons, who were seeking revenge, found no issue with this because they believed the Beck Brothers crossed the line.

During the Dutton’s raid at the Beck Brother’s mansion, Kayce finds Teal in the toilet. He shoots him in the stomach and interrogates him. After getting the information about Tate’s whereabouts, Kayce doesn’t hesitate to end Teal’s life. 

Meanwhile, John manages to shoot Malcolm, who is trying to flee. John then sits down with Malcolm as he slowly bleeds out. Eventually, John walks away and leaves Malcolm to die alone. 

Did Anything Bad Happen to Tate in Season 4? 

After the traumatic kidnapping incident in season 2, Tate has a brush with death again during season 4 of Yellowstone. After Kayce warns them about a possible attack, Tate and Monica get attacked at home by a masked man. 

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Monica gets injured, but Tate gets a rifle and shoots the attacker, saving his mom from an untimely death. The mother and son make their way to a bunkhouse for safety. 

Kayce later finds them in Monica’s bedroom. Tate, shaken by what happened, hides underneath the bed. Kayce pulls him out and tells his son that everything will be alright. 

Although Tate is still alive in the series, there is no guarantee that he won’t meet death in the later seasons of Yellowstone. However, if you are a fan of the series, you should know that none of the show’s characters are safe. 


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