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John Dutton

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Does John Dutton hates Jamie

Why Does John Dutton Hate Jamie? Let’s Shed Some Light on This!

Yellowstone doesn’t hide the tension between John Dutton and his son, Jamie Dutton. On top of that, many other characters in the series seem to have ...

What does John Dutton wears on Yellowstone

Let’s Break Down the Outfit John Dutton Wears in Yellowstone

The Dutton family considers John Dutton as their foundation. As an authentic and time-tested cowboy, he is the patriarch of the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. Of course, ...

What Happened to John Dutton's Wife

What Happened to John Dutton’s Wife, Evelyn Dutton?

Fans of the Yellowstone series are on the edge of their seats as they watch the Dutton family fight to defend their lands. The show has ...

Yellowstone Casts

The Cast of Yellowstone and Where You Might’ve Seen Them Before

Ever since it aired, Yellowstone has turned into a sensational series. Not only is the show’s story great, but the entire cast of Yellowstone also did ...

Does John Dutton die in Yellowstone

Did John Dutton Die in the Yellowstone Series? 

Since its release in 2018, Yellowstone has grown in popularity as a series. Fans can’t get enough of the Dutton family and their struggle to keep ...