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Did John Dutton Die in the Yellowstone Series? 

Does John Dutton die in Yellowstone

Since its release in 2018, Yellowstone has grown in popularity as a series. Fans can’t get enough of the Dutton family and their struggle to keep their beloved Yellowstone Ranch. Given the bloody path the Duttons walk and the show’s tendency not to hesitate to kill off characters, many fans are concerned if John Dutton will die in the future episodes of the series.  

So, Does He Die? 

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John Dutton is one of the few characters in Yellowstone who have met many close calls. As of season four, John is still alive and kicking. Despite getting attacked and shot throughout the series, he survived all those ordeals. 

However, given how ruthless the show is towards its characters, John’s fate entering season 5 is unknown. Some fans are even confident that he will finally meet his demise during that season. That said, we can only wait and see. 

Wait, John Dutton Gets Shot? 

Yes, that is right. During season three’s finale, John Dutton got attacked on the side of the road while trying to help someone with a flat tire. A van pulls up on John, with a gunman opening fire and leaving him for dead. John gets shot several times, but with a stroke of luck (cough, plot armor), his phone catches the bullet aimed at his heart. 

At the start of season four, John wakes in a hospital. He was in a coma after getting rescued from the shooting incident site at the end of season three. 

Who Was Behind the Attack on John? 

In the later part of season four, the man behind the attack on John got revealed. A man named Terrell Riggins hired a local militia to attack not only John but also Beth and Kayce. 

When Jamie interviews Riggins later, he learns that the man’s previous cellmate was none other than Jamie’s biological father, Garret Randall. Of course, Jamie confronts his father about this. Garrett admits that he organized the hit against the Duttons. He even says that he doesn’t have any issues doing it again. 

For some reason, Jamie decides to keep his discovery a secret. However, Beth later visits Riggins and learns the truth herself, leading to a confrontation with Jamie after. 

Was Someone With John During the Shooting Incident? 

When John Dutton almost died during the shooting incident, he was alone. However, while in a different location, Kayce and Beth were also attacked during that time. 

Beth was gathering her things in her office when her assistant found a package. It turned out to be a bomb that exploded when the assistant opened it. 

As for Kayce, he was sitting in his office when a gunman broke in and attacked him. As fate would have it, though, both Kayce and Beth walk out of these attacks alive. 

What’s John Dutton Up to Now? 

By the end of season four, after John recovers from getting shot, he announces his plans to run for governor in the State of Montana. This incident may cause some problems in the future, especially with Jamie, who is also vying for the said position. 

Jamie was even surprised to see John and Beth attending current governor Lynelle Perry’s press conference. Jamie thought Perry would endorse him as the next governor and support him, but he was wrong. To his shock, Perry ends up endorsing John for the governor position instead of him. 

No one can say if John Dutton will die in season five. One thing is for sure, though, we’ll find out next season what will come of his political journey. Given how things are right now for the Duttons, fans can expect plenty of drama coming their way.