'Yellowstone' Fans Have an Interesting Theory About Beth Dutton's Fate in Season 4


Arden Lambert


April 23, 2021


April 23, 2021


April 23, 2021

The jaw-dropping season three finale of Paramount Network’s Yellowstone did not only lead to many questions but several theories as well – especially for our favorite fearless Beth Dutton, whose office received a destructive explosive package.

The more time that passes, the more theories are popping out of nowhere. And what we have here some of the wildest ones we’ve ever seen! According to a Reddit user, Beth and Rip’s steady relationship all through season three is a massive sign that a tragic event is just around the corner.

The user noted that how the writers kind of accelerated the couple’s love story is somewhat a very purposeful choice to make Beth Dutton‘s potential death even more painful – just how the writers “give the fans everything they’ve been waiting for before they take it all away,” he wrote. 

Her death will definitely be such a big blow to the family storyline, and let’s admit it, it’s going to be a very dramatic one.

In addition to that, after the finale aired, the actress who played Beth Dutton – Kelly Reilly – posted a photo of herself from the set. She wrote in the caption that it had been a “wild ride,” making fans believe that the actress is really leaving the show.

But then there’s the fact that Kelly Reilly has remained very quiet about her character’s fate, unlike last season or compared to some of her co-stars who have been regularly posting photos of themselves while filming on the set. In one interview, the actress also said that she’s not allowed to say anything about the show, though she noted that season four would be a mind-blowing one and is even getting bigger. This gives fans a ray of hope that the actress is definitely going back to the ranch.

Well, it seems like fans are still arguing what’s ahead of Beth Dutton – whether she would survive the attack or not.

Certainly, there are plenty of questions surrounding the season three finale as we’ve all seen all the horrific events – including John Dutton being mowed down on the highway’s side during the last moments of the episode while armed gunmen confronted his son.

How about you? What do you think will happen next? Are you hoping to see the Dutton trio alive and well in the next season?


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