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Get To Know Kelly Reilly, The Actress Behind Yellowstone’s Fearless Beth Dutton

Now that filming has wrapped up for Yellowstone‘s Season 4, which has yet to debut on Paramount Network, everyone’s speculating whether Kelly Reilly will come back as Beth Dutton after the last season’s heart-wrenching finale or she’s about to say goodbye to the show.

But the actress is not saying anything – noting that the production team is not allowing her to give any information.

Kelly Reilly has been one of the series’ regular characters since it first aired in 2018 alongside Kevin Costner as her on-screen father, and she’s definitely someone you can never ignore. Let’s get to know more about her below.

1. Kelly Reilly was born on July 18, 1977 – making her 43 years old today.

2. She was raised in Chessington by a hospital receptionist mother and a retired police officer father.

3. Though she came from a non-acting background, Kelly studied drama at Tolworth Girls’ School in Kingston.

4. She first appeared on the small screen in 1995, and how she got the role was pretty interesting. Remarkably, Kelly wrote to the producers of Prime Suspect – a British police procedural television drama series – in the hopes of getting work. Six months later, they asked her to audition for a role. And the flame-haired actress was impressive enough, landing a part in one episode of Prime Suspect 4: Inner Circle.

5. In 2008, she finally earned a lead role in the horror film Eden Lake.

6. She was the youngest actress ever to be nominated in Laurence Olivier Theatre Award for the category of Best Actress. She earned the nomination for her role in After Miss Julie. She was only 26 then.

7. She was previously engaged to the Israeli actor Jonah Lotan. However, the couple broke up in 2011, calling off their wedding for “a bit complicated” reasons the actress did not reveal.

8. In 2012, she met financier Kyle Baugher, and they got hitched that same year in Somerset, England. Though the couple’s love story still remains behind the curtains as Kelly never revealed much about it, she said she’s “happy and content” with her married life.

9. She performed with a full mid-American accent – having to hide her natural English accent – in the 2019 American horror film Eli.

10. Her cottage in England – which she says in the middle of nowhere – does not have any television at all. When her friends come and visit her, they would all say: “God, it’s so you.” Kelly does not know what that means, but she takes it as a big compliment.

11. In her 2009 interview, Kelly was asked what her dream project is, and she said she would love “to work on a real girl piece with some fabulous actresses” – saying she has already been working with quite a lot of men in her career as an actress.

12. She has recently picked a role that’s totally different from her character as Beth Dutton. It’s for the horror film, Eight For Silver, which premiered last January 30 at the Sundance Film Festival. Unlike the fearless Beth Dutton of the modern Western, Kelly’s role in Eight for Silver as Isabelle Laurent is much more submissive and quieter.

Kelly noted that as an actor, she wants to keep changing things up for herself, dipping into different characters “to keep your own taste bud alive.”

Undeniably, Beth Dutton is such a strong and pretty wild character. So, it was no longer a surprise when she has gained an active and growing fandom. And that would not have been possible without Kelly Reilly. We’re definitely excited to see more of her this year!


Beth Dutton, Kelly Reilly

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