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February 1, 2023


February 1, 2023


February 1, 2023

While most people know her as the wife of the man behind the hit TV show Yellowstone, Nicole is a woman that has made a name for herself on her own. Nicole Muirbrook Sheridan is an American actress and model born on March 19, 1983, in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

While growing up, Nicole was tomboyish, always in the dirt and never bothering to brush her hair. However, a modeling agency got in touch with her when she was young, and she took advantage of the opportunity to start a successful entertainment world career. 

6 Reasons Why Nicole is the Woman Every Cowboy Dreams About

Below are six things we believe make Nicole Sheridan the woman every cowboy dreams of having. 

1. She’s a Real-Life Cowgirl 

Despite her modeling work, Nicole grew up to be a real-life cowgirl. That’s all thanks to her time on her grandparents’ Wyoming ranch while growing up. There, she would mostly be in the mountains, riding horses as much as she could. 

It’s safe to say that horses continue to be an important part of Nicole’s life, even today. The same is true with ranching life, as she helps manages the ranches she and her husband, Taylor Sheridan, own. 

2. She Helps Taylor Run Their Two Ranches 

Nicole and Taylor are the proud owners of the Bosque Ranch and 6666 Ranch in Texas. 

The Sheridans and an investor group bought the 6666 Ranch in Guthrie, Texas, in 2022. Sprawling over 260,000 acres of land, it is one of the largest ranches in Texas. 

The 6666 Ranch is known for breeding some of the country’s finest Angus cattle and Quarter Horses. It is also a place that offers state-of-the-art reproductive and veterinary services. Depending on the season, the ranch houses around 50-100 employees, 20 of which will be full-time cowboys. 

Bosque Ranch, on the other hand, is a premier equine facility. It is the place the Sheridans’ performance horses call their home. Nicole helps run Bosque Ranch’s business side of things. She directs the operations of Bosque, which is a ranch known to host many guests regularly. 

The Sheridans have more than 100 horses, most of which are Quarter Horses. 

Many of their Quarter Horses have also competed in several rodeo events, including cow horses, cutting, and reining activities. Additionally, most of the horses used during the filming of the Yellowstone series belonged to the Sheridans. 

Bosque Ranch also hosts film and TV shoots, music festivals, private events, concerts, charity events, and even rodeos. The ranch also features a unique and intimate dining experience at the Chef’s table. Visitors can also enjoy Nic’s Bar, which overlooks the indoor riding arena on the property. 

3. She Stuck With Him Through Thick and Thin

Nicole and Taylor met while working in the acting industry. It was during a time when Taylor was struggling to find roles to play. He decided to have a brief stint as an acting coach, and Nicole signed up for his lessons. 

Several coaching lessons later, the two aspiring actors started dating. By 2013, Nicole and Taylor finally decided to tie the knot and get married. The couple has one child, Gus, who Nicole gave birth to in 2013, shortly after the couple announced their marriage. 

At the time of their child’s birth, the couple lived in San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles. Things were tough for them back then as they struggled to make ends meet. Fortunately, Taylor got his big break from Hollywood, and things turned around for his family. 

As for Gus, he also enjoys horseback riding as his parents do and also loves spending time on their ranch. Among the many horse-related activities his family partakes in, Gus enjoys roping the most. 

4. Nicole Participates in Horse Cutting Competitions 

Much to people’s surprise, Nicole Sheridan is an avid equestrian. While her husband competes in reining, Nicole favors cutting competitions and has found much success there. She has two main horses for her competitions, Simba and Sweetie, and both are Quarter Horses. 

In 2020, Nicole won the championship title at the Careity Foundation Celebrity Cutting event. It was her first buckle won while riding her horse, Sweetie. You could say that she’s done quite well for herself in the world of cutting competitions. 

5. Nicole is an International Model 

Nicole’s modeling career started when an agent from a modeling agency called NEXT approached her when she was still young. Her mom, a former Miss America runner-up, successfully convinced her to grab the opportunity. 

Nicole quickly found success in modeling during her early teens to her twenties. Many believe it’s because of her striking features, which came from her German mother and Lebanese/Mexican father. 

She traveled and worked throughout Europe as a model, working in fashionable cities such as Paris and Milan. She also appeared on the covers of tops fashion magazines such as Marie Claire and Vogue. 

6. She is Also an Actress

Besides her career in modeling, Nicole also had an acting career. She appeared in several movies, commercials, and TV shows. Even though her acting career wasn’t that big, Nicole still managed to land roles thanks to her strong agency connections. 

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She appeared in movies such as I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell and The Human Contract. For TV shows, she was on Dark Blue and the famous How I Met Your Mother series. For a while, HIMYM fans theorized that Nicole’s character on that show would be Ted Mosby’s wife in the future, but that was eventually proven wrong. 

It’s safe to say that Nicole Sheridan is every cowboy’s dream woman. You don’t often find a beautiful model/actress who is also passionate about horses and the ranching life. Taylor sure is one lucky cowboy to have met such a rare gem. 


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