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December 28, 2022


December 28, 2022


December 28, 2022

Beth Dutton is a fan favorite in the Yellowstone series because of her strong will and loyalty to her family. Now, one of the questions that new fans have is where her kids are. So, does Beth Dutton have kids? The simple answer is no. If that’s the case, then why can’t Beth Dutton have kids?

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If you’ve been watching the series for a while now, you’d know Beth is infertile. During season three of Yellowstone, fans learned that she is incapable of having children. It’s a problem that weighs heavy on her mind, especially how it’ll affect her romantic relationship with Rip. 

As to how it all happened, Beth later learns the truth from her brother Jamie. During that time, her already shaky relationship with Jamie gets pushed further to a breaking point.

So What’s the Reason Why She Can’t Get Pregnant? 

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If you are wondering why can’t Beth Dutton have kids, then it’s because she got sterilized when she had an abortion. During the “Cowboys and Dreamers” episode, Beth asked Jamie for help when she learned she got pregnant. 

Beth was 15 years old when she got pregnant with Rip’s child. Scared to tell her father or Rip about her pregnancy, Beth asked her brother instead. 

Jamie takes her to an abortion clinic. There, Jamie gets informed that the only way to perform the abortion is for Beth to undergo sterilization. Jamie agrees to the procedure without Beth’s consent. 

When Beth discovers why she can’t have kids, her heart breaks, and her hatred toward Jamie grows even more. Beth is in pain, knowing that she can never have biological kids. 

Sad as that may sound, women getting sterilized without their consent is common in the history of Native American women. 

Does She Tell Rip About Being Sterile? 

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While she is scared that it may damage her relationship with Rip, Beth does tell him about her being sterile. In response, Rip assures her that his feelings toward her won’t change, even if they can’t have biological children. 

However, even if she told him about it, Beth didn’t discuss how she lost her ability to bear children. She doesn’t even mention that she was pregnant with his baby back then and that Jamie had her sterilized without her consent. 

If you were wondering why can’t beth Dutton have kids, then this is your answer. Beth’s infertility doesn’t affect her relationship with Rip. However, Rip not knowing the entire truth might cause some problems in the future, especially with Jamie. 


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