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Rip Wheeler and Beth Dutton Complete Relationship Timeline

Out of all the fascinating and heart-stopping stories in Paramount Network’s Yellowstone, it’s impossible not to fall for the unlikely relationship of Rip Wheeler and Beth Dutton – two of the darkest characters inside a show filled with deeply troubled ones.

Even though they came from very different backgrounds and a pretty troubled past, looking at how their romance uniquely bloomed on its own through the course of Yellowstone‘s three seasons clearly shows that they’re meant to be together despite all odds.

Here’s a detailed timeline of Rip Wheeler and Beth Dutton relationship.

They Met When They Were Teens (Season 2, Episode 5 “Touching Your Enemy”)

By the second episode, since Yellowstone premiered, we already get to see Rip Wheeler and Beth Dutton’s romance kicking off. But it was in Season 2, Episode 5 called “Touching Your Enemy,” when we got a glimpse of how the fierce young Beth first met the hardened Rip. Right then and there, Beth knew she had power over Rip – after all, she’s the daughter of Rip’s boss.

Rip was only a teenager when John Dutton took him in. The patriarch of the Dutton Ranch gave Rip a place to live and a job on the ranch after ending up being an orphan with nowhere else to go. Rip killed his abusive father after he witnessed him brutally attacking and murdering both his mother and his brother.

Their First Memorable Date (Season 1, Episode 2 “Kill the Messenger”)

Fast forward to many years later, the tension between Beth and Rip soars beyond control. 

Rip plucked up some courage to give Beth an invitation to a music festival. However, Beth quickly reminds Rip of his capability of ruining everything – so we never got the chance to see that romantic date. Still, fans were lucky enough.

Instead, Rip and Beth went for an unlikely date of sitting on Rip’s truck, talking and drinking whiskey from the bottle as they watched a pack of wolves slaughtering a deer in a field.

And Beth Popped The Big Question (Season 3, Episode 7 “The Beating”)

Indeed, that first date has paved the way for a whole new chapter for the duo. After two seasons, we get to witness their love deepen – breaking several barriers between them.

Eventually, Beth ended up popping the big question to Rip, asking him to marry her. Beth even made it much more romantic by presenting Rip with a simple ring. After learning that John had given them his blessings, Rip accepted Beth’s proposal. 

The only problem is that it’s impossible for them to get legally married since Rip did not exist on papers. But this does not matter to Beth; all she wants is to figuratively tie the knot in the mountains in front of their family and friends.

Indeed, some of the most beautiful love stories will never be defined by how effortless it was for the couple to come together, but instead, how challenging they had to work to finally find each other. The same thing goes for one of today’s hottest couples, Rip Wheeler and Beth Dutton.


Beth Dutton, Rip Wheeler

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