February 9

10 Facts About Katherine Blasingame

Eric Church is absolutely one of the hottest country stars today. And his wife, Katherine Blasingame, has been his biggest supporter – staying by his side for more than a decade.

Here are some things you need to know about Eric Church’s wife.

1. She’s an American Native.

Katherine was born on November 30, 1979, in the United States of America.

2. She married Eric Church in 2008.

On January 8, 2008, Eric Church and Katherine Blasingame exchanged “I do’s” at Westglow Spa & Resort in Blowing Rock, North Carolina – where they have stayed before. “We decided that it would be the ideal spot to get married, up in the North Carolina mountains. I can’t imagine a more perfect spot.”

It was an intimate moment with just family around them.

3. She inspired some of her husband’s songs.

During their wedding ceremony, Eric showed off his softer side by surprising his bride with a performance of a song he wrote about her, “You Make It Look So Easy.” Eric said the song is entirely about their relationship.

4. She’s in the music business way before Eric Church was.

Katherine works in a music publishing company for years, even before Eric started his career as a singer-songwriter in 2005. 

5. She acts as her husband’s sounding board.

Being a music professional in her rights, Eric trusts her with his song ideas. Katherine even contributes some of her ideas to Eric’s songs.

6. She’s a mother of two.

Three years after they tied the knot, Katherine became a first-time mom with the birth of their eldest son, Boone McCoy. They welcomed their second son, Tennessee Hawkins, in 2015.

7. She is a philanthropist.

Together, Eric and Katherine organized The Chief Cares Fund in 2013 – a non-profit organization that serves more than 2.5 million people with charitable giving. They help unprivileged families and children all over Tennessee and North Carolina, and even as far as providing the needs of an orphanage in Nepal, and so much more!

8. She loves horseback riding.

Whenever she has extra time on her hands, Katherine would go horseback riding, though Eric is not a big fan of it. “But I’ll do it just to be with her for a little bit,” the singer said.

9. She supports her husband well.

In 2015, Katherine even insisted on traveling to Los Angeles to attend Grammys with Eric, who was nominated for several awards – she was 39 weeks pregnant at that time! 

She also stays with Eric on the road. “With kids, it’s hard, but we just try to find a quiet spot together, somewhere, sometime, and that’s usually enough,” Eric said.

10. She loves Eric “in spite of those things.”

Eric believes he is sometimes hard to love. “And that’s what’s great about Katherine and the way she loves me. She loves me in spite of those things, and really for those things,” he said.


Katherine Blasingame

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