Who is John Prine on Yellowstone and What happened to him


Arden Lambert


December 17, 2022


December 17, 2022


December 17, 2022

During season four of the Yellowstone series, the show paid tribute to a man named John Prine. It left many of the show’s fans wondering who the man was. So, we’ve compiled some information about John Prine and why the popular show honored him during one of its episodes. 

Who is John Prine? 

John Prine is a Grammy Award-winning country folk music singer and songwriter. He was born in Maywood, Illinois, on October 10, 1946, and died in Nashville, Tennessee, on April 7, 2020. Prine was well-known for his hit songs such as “Angel From Montgomery,” “Illegal Smile,” “I Remember Everything,” and “You Never Even Called Me By My Name.”

What Happened on the Tribute Episode? 

Prine didn’t star in the series, but it did feature his music. Near the end of the “All I See Is You” episode, where John walks back to his truck, Prine’s “Caravan of Fools” song plays. When the episode ends, a tribute card appears to honor the late singer. 

John Prine’s career has had a tremendous impact on the Western genre. He certainly inspired many who work on the Yellowstone show, and that’s why they decided to honor John Prine in one of its episodes. 

A Quick Look at Prine’s Career 

While Prine grew up in the Chicago suburbs, he spent plenty of his childhood summers visiting family near Paradise, Kentucky. When he turned 14, his brother taught him to play the guitar, sparking his passion for music. 

Prine then attended Chicago’s Old Town School of Folk Music and graduated from Proviso East High School. Later, he worked for five years as a mailman before getting drafted into the United States Army and serving as a vehicle mechanic during the Vietnam War. 

When he returned from the army, Prine started his musical career in Chicago. He performed in open mic evenings at the Fifth Peg on Armitage Avenue. Once he received positive reviews for his music, Prine quickly became a crucial figure in the Chicago folk music scene. 

Then, in 1971, John Prine’s self-titled debut album got released, and his career started taking off. By 1981, he co-founded an independent record label company called Oh Boy Records. 

From there, Prine became one of his generation’s most influential songwriters. He won four Grammy Awards in his career and a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award after he passed away. 

In March 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, Prine tested positive for the virus and got admitted to the hospital several days later. Unfortunately, Prine passed away at 73 years old because of complications arising from his COVID-19 infection. 

As one of the music industry’s most accomplished country folk artists, John Prine left a lasting impact on many people, including those behind the Yellowstone show. 


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